Show off your school spirit with the new “College Mobile Speakers!”

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            Bem Wireless does it again… We took our already successful mobile speaker and changed it up. We knew this product was perfect for college students to use in their dorm rooms, carry around campus …

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Bem wanted to write a quick thank you to all who participated in our Harlem Shake Video Contest as well as our RT Contest on Twitter. We truly appreciate all those who had fun with this and hopefully helped create more awareness for our company and our awesome products. 

Congratulations to Jesse Ocanas Jr. who won our Harlem Shake video contest. The goal was to make a Harlem shake video somehow creatively using Bem Wireless in the video and Jesse successfully did that with his friends and family! Here is his video:

Congratulations to our Retweet contest winner, Tamara Bennington who faithfully retweeted our contest info over ONE HUNDRED times!

Even if you didn’t win, we want to give everyone else who participated a shout out also! Thank you:

Beth Boggs Burns (Harlem Shake Video)

Jesse: xMexicanNinjax (RT contest)

Jen: JK8675309 (RT contest)

Michael Wright: mwright199 (RT contest)

Linda Kubala: freeway49 (RT contest)

Steph: DeLovely_M0MMa (RT contest)

***To the contest winners, please contact us via a direct message on Facebook/Twitter OR send us an email at to claim your prizes!








We wanted to give our followers a place where they can catch up on the latest in what the press and reviewers had to say about bēm. We gathered all the latest and greatest comments and articles for you to browse in your spare time. Our first “Press Highlight” post is all about what our Amazon customers had to say about our mobile speaker. Happy reading!

Amazon Customer Reviews:

  • I love my Bem Speaker…. I love that this speaker has an aux out. I can hook it up to my sound system for better bigger sound. The battery life is great and you can listen while it charges. The build quality is great….Over all I have enjoyed the Bem speaker over the last month and look forward to taking it out side when the weather improves. I would purchase this speaker again. –cobb5421 (March 11, 2013)
  • I got this little speaker because my brother bought a Jabra soulmate and he was flaunting it around. I saw this for a fraction of the cost and I thought why not, I was blown away. He uses it more than the soulmate because it’s smaller and very portable and everyone that sees me with it are always impress. –A. Joseph (march 9, 2013)
  • I think this is a really terrific little product, and I have to speak up for the great customer service that I got…Best customer service experience I can remember. As they say, others’ experience may differ. But mine was great. Best toy I’ve bought in years. –RS (March 8, 2013)
  • I got this through Groupon and love it. It has great sound and long battery life. Portability is great. It’s a great gift for anybody. –musicfun (February 25, 2013)
  • This speaker is cute & tiny & awesome. I originally bought it to bring into the bathroom while I was in the shower… I saw the great deal for the bem speaker on groupon and figured I wouldn’t really care too much if the bathroom steam wrecked it. I was totally wrong about that. The little orange cube has not seen the bathroom since I got it. Surprisingly good sound, seems like it’s built pretty solid, and it just looks cool. There’s no way I’m going to let steam ruin this bad boy either. –nugget (January 26, 2013)
  • This was a Groupon deal for $29.00, The sound that comes from this speaker is awesome, just the right amount of base and treble, no distortion at higher volume levels, I especially like the touch sensitive volume up and down as well as pause/play option. The range is adequate at about 20-25 feet. I live in a trinity in Philadelphia so for the most part the rooms are all open so the sound can be heard throughout the house. In retrospect I wish I had purchased two I recommend this to anyone…Period!!–Thomas P. Massey (January 25, 2013)
  • I love the cute minimalistic design… Bluetooth receptivity is great too. It didn’t work that well with my phone, which lets out weaker Bluetooth signals, but when I paired it with my laptop this little speaker played smooth and strong through two walls with closed doors, at a distance that was clearly farther than 25ft (the length the user guide specifies as Bluetooth range). –mint chocolate (January 20, 2013)

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This March, bem is hosting a contest for the best harlem shake video that creatively incorporates bem wireless. Since the harlem shake has become an overnight dance fad, we want a part in it and we want YOU to show us your best moves! Not only will you have fun creating a video but the winning group will also win 2 great prizes: 6 bem mobile speakers (one in every color), as well as every person in the group receiving a coupon code for 50% off any bem product on our website! Besides receiving the mobile speakers and the discount, the group will also have their video posted on our Bem website as well as our social media pages so please keep it rated PG! Invite your friends in your group, or compete against them in a rival group!

 The contest will be going on now, through the end of March. For more specific info and to upload your video, please check out our Facebook event page at

 In addition to this contest, we will also be having a smaller contest on our Twitter page: Whoever re-tweets our contest info the most times will be receiving a mobile speaker!  #getretweeting! @bemwirelessco


Pump up the jams with the portable and rechargeable Bem boom box. In a snap, the completely wireless boom box connects to your phone or any other Bluetooth-enabled device. Whether you use it to listen to hit songs all night long at a party or use it to amplify a conference call at work, the possibilities are endless. Enjoy up to 10 hours of playing time with this sleek boom box. Whenever and wherever you travel, the Bem boom box can make the trip with you.

Customer Reviews:

“…Connecting it via my phone’s bluetooth took all of 2 seconds, and in one more second, my Pandora station was blasting through the speaker.   As an avid Pandora user, I absolutely love my BEM boom box.  I used it when I got back to my hotel room and haven’t stopped drooling over it since…As an event professional, I can see so many uses for BEM Wireless speakers. For now it will be used for pure fun.” -Cheryl Lawson, Party Aficionado Blog

“…Basically, the Bem Boom Box will allow you to tote your favorite tunes on the road, wherever you go. This will obviously help nudge you towards realizing your life long dream of living the wireless lifestyle. All in all, this wireless, Bluetooth-enabled device is ideal for those who are always on the move… 2.1 stereo sound will definitely give your audio more muscle, and it has a battery life of up to 10 hours of continuous playback…”  -ITSTRUCK.ME Blog


  • 2.1 stereo sound for mobile audio muscle
  • Power level, charging and Bluetooth indicators
  • Aux in and out for more connecting options
  • Durable front and back metal casing
  • Soft touch finish: low-profile design

Tech Specs:

  • Up to 25ft of working wireless range
  • Power adaptor built-in
  • Aux in and out
  • Touch sensitive buttons
  • Approx. size 12” x 9.5” x 5”

CHICAGO- February 20, 2013- Keeping in line with the old adage, “good things come in small packages,” bēm wireless, an innovator of wireless solutions and consumer electronics, begins shipping its portable ‘mobile speaker’ worldwide. Slightly smaller than a tennis ball, this Bluetooth powerhouse can be taken on the road for good tunes anytime, anywhere.
“We got rid of the wires, and packed this small unit with amazing sound quality” says Bryan Katzel, Product Development Manager for bēm. “We wanted to keep this speaker small in order to clean up your living space, and give people the option to toss it into a suitcase, backpack or even a pocket. We believe good music should be readily available no matter where you go.”
The 2.5” cubed ‘mobile speaker’ is compatible with a Bluetooth-enabled smartphone, iPod, tablet and more. It boasts up to 25-feet of working wireless range with a mini USB port to charge your device. An Aux In and Aux Out offer users more connecting options to hook up multiple devices. The ‘mobile speaker’ battery gives users about five hours of continuous listening time.
As with all of bēm’s audio products, users can expect rich, precision-tuned, and crystal-clear sound at an affordable price. The company ditches the wires and docks to provide convenient and hassle-free products. The ‘mobile speaker’ is intended to enhance the user’s lifestyle by becoming an integral staple in the home or in a travel case.
The beauty of the ‘mobile speaker’ is in its simplicity. Clean, elegant lines and a modern soft-touch finish fit into any décor, and appeal to a variety of consumers’ taste. Cool or creative, the ‘mobile speaker’ comes in six colors to allow you to customize and express your own personal style and flair. If you want bright and bold- check out the orange, red, purple and green options. Looking for subtle and sleek? Then the traditional black or white is perfect for you.
The ‘mobile speaker’ retails for $69.99, and is available at and
bēm is currently working on a select college color lineup for the ‘mobile speaker’ so co-eds students and alumni can show off their school spirit. The college color series is expected to launch in time for Spring Break.
About bēm wireless
bēm wireless is an innovator in consumer electronics, providing wireless solutions for everyone. By identifying user’s experiences, bēm makes it easy for its innovations to be integrated into their lives.
Formed in 2012, bēm brings together entrepreneurial spirit and know-how plus the track record for successful engineering execution.
Beginning with the audio line, including mobile speakers and wireless headphones, and quickly moving on to the development of video and a host of other lifestyle-enhancing products, bēm is tireless about keeping wireless portable, affordable and accessible.

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Media Contact

Jaclyn Messina

Max Borges Agency for bēm wireless

P: 305-374-4404 x155

Well, we’re starting off 2013 with a bang. The bēm team is back from Vegas and “recuperated” from an exhaustingly successful CES. Over the four days we saw an enormous amount of press, received a multitude of product reviews (see below for the round-up), met with distributors from over 20 countries, received 1000′s of positive comments in Continue reading

We’re in the heat of CES 2013 and included the outlet speaker in their review round-up. Head on over to read what they have to say about the product and be a part of the bēm team by filling out a review yourself!

Thanks to John P. Falcone over at CNET for reviewing the outlet speaker and sharing his thoughts on the time he spent with this break-through item over the past few days. Here’s a bit from John’s thoughts on this wireless wonder:

“As the name suggests, the Outlet Speaker plugs directly into any standard 2-prong power outlet. It’s not the first-ever plug-and-play wireless speaker — the Klipsch lightbulb speakers come to mind — but the $100 Outlet Speaker does get props for being truly wireless, since the plug-in design eschews the need for even a power cord.”

Head on over to CNET and check out John’s thoughts for yourself:

In case you missed it, bēm wireless has been giving away our awesome little MOBILE SPEAKERS this December. So far, three of our lucky Twitter followers have had their names pulled: @zanvia, @WIUphoniumguy and @janinekozlowski. You can see @WIUphoniumguy’s pic of his on on our feed in his 12/21 post. @zanvia had hers wrapped under the tree, so we look forward to hearing how the kids are rockin’ around the Christmas tree with it. The bēm elves are getting read to pack @janinekozlowski’s speaker right now, and we have 2 MORE to give away soon if we can get over 100 Twitter followers before 2013!

So, the final speaker giveaway countdown has begun, just like the New Year’s eve ball drop in the Big Apple each year.

Speaking of which, we found this gem on You Tube, posted by BASH953. It begins with 1976, a very good year for disco and bicentennial celebrations here in the U.S., both of which seemed to go well with a nice leisure suit or polyester dress. The video moves on with subsequent midnight make-out sessions as viewed past various hair heights, throughout Dick Clark’s ageless countdowns until 2012–the last year the American icon will ever take us through the ball drop, as he passed away this past April.

New Year’s Eve Ball Drop 1976 – 2012

Thanks for this time capsule, BASH953. It not only reminds of how things change (when it comes to some fashion, thank goodness), but also of how each New Year brings us new beginnings, new hope for the future, and chance to look fondly on the past and keep what is worth keeping. Now that’s the kind of #limitlesslifestyle we’re talkin’ about.