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It really helps to hear from you.

Not just you, mainstream reviewers, but you there, in your jammies, you in your garage, you up all night sewing or studying or designing or whatever. Got a popular blog? Great, let's talk. No? It's ok. You count, too! We want to join forces with reviewers from alternative sources: everwhere from college campuses to hobby shops, test kitchens to health clubs.

We offer various perks, contests and general good vibes throughout the year for our reviewers on the website, on social media, or any other you want to use spread the word about bēm:

  • Think you can help out with our blog, TIRELESS? Read up on it and contact us!
  • Did you write a review for a school or business website, or in a newsletter? Post it on Facebook!
  • Not to mention, you can rate us from your own comfy sofa or computer desk...see below!

rate us for real

Buy it, try it, tell us about it.

 When you purchase our products, we make it simple for you to come back to the website and rate how well they worked out for you. It's one of the most important ways you can help the bēm team learn what you love best.

Better still, you help other folks make the perfect choices for their own needs and lifestyles. Everyone wins, which is why we reward our frequent reviewers with surprise benefits from time to time. Keep sharing the news and we'll take care of you, too. 


life’s better with 
bēm in the background

Who needs extra baggage? Wires, bulk, all just gets in the way of living easy. You'll love how your little Mobile Speaker is ready to go wherever you are. Zen session in the woods, jam session in the park, or chill session in your hotel room. Oh – bēm Bluetooth® devices clean up your everyday living space, too. They're neat like that.

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