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Speaker Trio

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 “…But what good is a pair of Jamboxes when you can only listen to one at a time? (A gripping #firstworldproblem, I'm sure.)  Bem solves this conundrum with its Speaker Trio.”  ~USA Today

“An awesomely convenient triumvirate of wireless tune-age…” ~Thrillist

At your next party, try one in the living room, one in the kitchen and one on the patio. No more wires or plug-in charging--just return the speakers to the base for a neat and easy recharge. These three speakers share a wireless connection to the base, but each one can be placed in a different area up to 115 feet apart (depending on room conditions), all controlled by the same iPhone®, iPad®, smartphone or other Bluetooth® device.

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    please, take their word for it...

     “An awesomely convenient triumvirate of wireless tune-age…” ~Thrillist

     “What’s perhaps even more impressive is that each speaker has a 120-foot wireless range, or a little over a third of a football field. …” ~Slash Gear

      ““This Tech Squib serves up one of the coolest gadgets I've ever reviewed, while offering a very real glimpse into our (almost) completely wireless future.” ~CRAVE

    “…set of three small Bluetooth speakers that are simple and minimalistic, as well as stylish and swanky.” ~Slash Gear

     “…But what good is a pair of Jamboxes when you can only listen to one at a time? (A gripping #firstworldproblem, I'm sure.)  Bem solves this conundrum with its Speaker Trio.”  ~USA Today

     “The bēm wireless speaker trio offers up a novel concept in home audio; it lets you position its three speakers anywhere you need sound without wires or plugs.” ~Technology Tell

     “Bem gets a virtual high five from me for the industrial design.” ~Cult of Mac

    Speaker Trio

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    let's forget about wires

    Simple, intuitive designs from bēm wireless let you be more free. Live your life with fewer limits, like experiencing music when, where and why you choose it. You're tired of wires...ditch your docks! We make audio automatic so now your most critical connection is between you and your activity. Easy to use, easy to charge, bēm wireless means tireless--and seamless--personal soundtracks.

    Ready? Our mobile speakers are. Picnic in the park or hang out in your hotel, there's no wires to pack or hassle with. Bonus: we help you tidy up your everyday living space, too. With Bluetooth products by bēm, it's easy to untangle and enjoy all things your mobile lifestyle includes: email, texting, checking facebook, pinning projects and more, without ever missing a beat.

    tech specs


    • Up to 115 foot range from base (depending on room conditions)
    • Up to 25ft working Bluetooth range
    • About 6 hours of battery life*
    • Conductive charging
    • Aux in and out
    • Auto pair capable
    • Touch-sensitive buttons
    • Bottom glow lighting
    • Soft-touch finish
    • Approx Size of 3 units on base: 18” x 7” x 6”
      Approx Size of 1 unit: 6” x 6” x 6”

    *Battery life varies by volume and audio type


    3 speaker trio speakers, 1 speaker trio charging base, 3.5mm cable, wall charger, user guide

    user reviews

    POSTED: 11.14.13

    REVIEWER: Johnny BOI



    These things are by far the best speakers ive ever owned. there great for parties because you can put the speakers anywhere in your house.

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    life’s better with 
    bēm in the background

    Who needs extra baggage? Wires, bulk, all just gets in the way of living easy. You'll love how your little Mobile Speaker is ready to go wherever you are. Zen session in the woods, jam session in the park, or chill session in your hotel room. Oh – bēm Bluetooth® devices clean up your everyday living space, too. They're neat like that.

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