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Below are a couple of common issues users have found trouble with when setting up their products for the first time. If you're still having issues, always feel free to drop us a line via our contact page.


Pairing is unsuccessful after multiple attempts


  • Check if the Bluetooth® indicator light is on. If the indicator light is off, please press the power button to turn the unit on. If the Bluetooth indicator light still doesn’t come on after pressing the power button, please charge the unit
  • Check for other Bluetooth devices around the surroundings that may interfere with searching and turn devices off
  • Power off and then power on the unit to restart the Bluetooth function of the unit or your Bluetooth device
  • Unplug any cables plugged into the AUX IN, restart all devices and then attempt pairing again


Interference or static during playback


  • Avoid using the device between concrete or other building structures that may interfere with the signal
  • Please check the battery level of the unit and the Bluetooth device and charge if necessary



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Who needs extra baggage? Wires, bulk, all just gets in the way of living easy. You'll love how your little Mobile Speaker is ready to go wherever you are. Zen session in the woods, jam session in the park, or chill session in your hotel room. Oh – bēm Bluetooth® devices clean up your everyday living space, too. They're neat like that.

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