When it comes to bluetooth speakers how many do you need? One? Two? More? Well, the Speaker Trio is quite an interesting deal if you need the audio power that can fill the sound even in a fairly large room. That said, three speakers doesn’t always mean three times the sound output.

Also, if it’s for personal use then you might find that headphones or earphones often provide much higher sound quality than what most ordinary bluetooth speakers can achieve. The only difference then would be convenience of wireless technology. This is where wireless earphones and headphones come in.

Wireless audio technology has come a long way. Now we are seeing earphones that provide great connectivity, range and battery life so there’s are no big drawbacks when compared to wired while there are many advantages.

Noise cancellation is also another big advantage that you can get. Take a look at our picks for the best noise cancelling headphones so you can get enjoy clear music even in noisy places.