The public zoo series of speakers are one of the most unique looking pieces of audio gear that we have seen. These can make a great gift for a kid or a audio lover who loves to collect different kinds of speakers, headphones, amplifiers and more. Choosing a gift for an audiophile can be difficult in which case going with something that is actually very unique can be a great idea.

That said, if practicality is a bigger concern to you then something like headphones or earphones can be much more useful as a gift. However, there are thousands of options in the market that you can choose from so which would be a good pick?

This is where we come in to make your job much more easier. We spend hours sorting through all the earphones available in the market and pick through the best and most well rated models that one can buy.

Take a look at our buyers guide for the best budget wireless earbuds so that you can pick from the best models in the market which are not too expensive making them ideal as a gift.