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Bring this great speaker anywhere with you and look good doing it. It not only provides precise adjustment, arm beat box and all clear audio volume, it is also very easy on the eyes with it’s soft touch, elegant and stylish design. Backyard barbecue or game night get-together? Perfect. You have better things to deal with than the wires. All on the agenda, it's ready when you are.  BEM Wireless Portable Stereo brings 10 hours of play time, and connect to your phone and a bunch of units other Bluetooth ® devices. Live in? Improve your game, put your application, or heating your hip-hop aerobics!

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  • Boom Box

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    let's forget about wires

    Simple, intuitive designs from bēm wireless let you be more free. Live your life with fewer limits, like experiencing music when, where and why you choose it. You're tired of wires...ditch your docks! We make audio automatic so now your most critical connection is between you and your activity. Easy to use, easy to charge, bēm wireless means tireless--and seamless--personal soundtracks. Ready? Our mobile speakers are. Picnic in the park or hang out in your hotel, there's no wires to pack or hassle with. Bonus: we help you tidy up your everyday living space, too. With Bluetooth products by bēm, it's easy to untangle and enjoy all things your mobile lifestyle includes: email, texting, checking facebook, pinning projects and more, without ever missing a beat.

    tech specs

    • 2.1 stereo
    • work up to 25 feet of wireless range
    • about 10 hours of battery life *
    • automatically able
    • AUX input and output
    • power levels, charging and Bluetooth indicator The front and rear metal housing
    • soft-touch finish
    • about size: 12 "× 9.5" × 5 "

      * Battery life varies by volume and audio type varies


      1 boom box, 3.5 mm cable, wall charger, user guide

    user reviews

    POSTED: 12.24.13

    REVIEWER: Boombox lover



    This is the best boom box ever.... I love it!

    POSTED: 05.06.13

    REVIEWER: willsong


    great sound quality

    I use this product to demo songs for students in a music class i teach and I am very impressed with the clarity and quality of the unit. The fact the the kids think it looks cool means you must be on to something with the styling! I enjoy the quick set up of the bluetooth and not having to use wires. The portability of it is iceing on the cake, I would highly recommend this to a friend. Thanks bem!

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    life’s better with 
    bēm in the background

    Who needs extra baggage? Wires, bulk, all just gets in the way of living easy. You'll love how your little Mobile Speaker is ready to go wherever you are. Zen session in the woods, jam session in the park, or chill session in your hotel room. Oh – bēm Bluetooth® devices clean up your everyday living space, too. They're neat like that.

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