Best Ear Muffs for Sleeping : Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

Updated On February 10, 2021
By Harry Singleton

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It is no secret that one major component of having a successful day is maintaining a good nights sleep. However, for many this can prove difficult. Whether you live in the countryside, or a busy city – noise is a factor that can disrupt lots of people from achieving a good nights sleep. What can help relieve this? If you relate to any of these sleep-related issues, ear muffs for sleeping are the perfect product for you!

We know what you’re thinking. When you read the word ‘ear muffs’, you instantly think of the winter-wear garment. Earmuffs are used for blocking out surrounding noise, to give you a quiet moment even when you’re in a noisy environment. They range and vary in different designs, pinpointing comfort as their main motive, as well as noise cancellation. Some noise cancellation techniques include the option to play noise that benefits sleeping. For example: white noise is a popular sound amongst most light sleepers, as well as classical or soft music. These ear muffs for sleeping can provide you with the technology to make this possible to enhance your nights sleep even further.

In this article, we will review the different kinds of ear muff products on the market and explain the features of them. if you like what you have read, we are confident you will find the best noise cancelling product of a high quality to eradicate sound and provide you with a comfortable nights sleep.

What to consider when buying ear muffs for sleeping:


Ear muffs are specifically designed to cover your eyes, ears and occasionally your nose during sleep. This means that proper airflow is crucial in order to achieve a comfortable nights sleep. When looking for the best ear muffs, make sure to buy some that have breathable fabric. This will usually be included in the product’s description. By doing this, you can sleep comfortably whilst avoiding any itching, choking, sweating or any general discomfort that might occur.

Cleaning and Maintenance

If you are searching for ear muffs, it is likely they will be something you are hoping to use every night. This means you want to have a product of a high quality that you can clean and maintain easily. Before buying any product, be sure to read the product guidelines, which will be provided by the manufacturer, before you start to clean your ear muffs for sleep. Equally, depending on the product you choose, some ear muffs come with a speaker or other electronic components. To evade any potential safety hazard, make sure you remove any of this risks unless they are stated as being waterproof. As the saying goes, it is better to be safe than sorry!

Headband Length

Most ear muffs you will find on the market today come with a headband to offer security when wearing the product. If you wish to buy ear muffs with a headband, what you need to ensure is that it fits your head correctly in order to avoid complications that might arise. For example: a small headband might exert pressure on your head which could result in a headache. Conversely, a larger headband may cause the ear muffs to become loose, meaning they could slip off your head while you are sleeping. Therefore, it is important to have a headband that fits correctly in order to avoid some of these unnecessary problems. If you think you might be sensitive to headbands, there are plenty of other ear muffs available that come without a headband. One positive features of headbands is that they do not disrupt or cause irritation to parts of your ear canal. They offer a high noise reduction rating whilst simultaneously protecting your ears.

Safety and Ergonomics

Safety must come first in any context, but with sleeping it is vital. Some low rated ear muffs can be risky, causing pain and discomfort to the ear canal, or in some cases lead to an ear infection. To avoid this, it is worth investing in higher quality manufacturers in order to guarantee a safe nights sleep as well as a comfortable one. These manufactures utilise a range of high quality materials, such as foam cushioning to make sure there is no harsh sensations against your ears. The main function of ear muffs is to block noise out. Yes, this means you can feel asleep faster, but it also means you become unaware of what is going on around you. If you decide to obtain noise cancelling headphones, we urge you not to wear them in a public place. Bear in mind that the noise cancelling feature could mean that you miss that important morning alarm or an urgent phone call.

Noise Cancellation

When buying earmuffs, this factor is very essential since you’re looking for soundproof earmuffs to enable you have a sound sleep. Noise level is measured in decibel (dB), depending on the noise amount you should select accordingly. For instance, the lower the noise, the less decibels an earmuff should contain. Lots of products come with a range of noise-cancelling features, designed to provide several options for you to choose which one works for you. For example: some models use soundproof fabric, while others rely on engineered muffs with unique acoustic structures. The advantage of using soundproof fabric is that it produces thinner and more comfortable earmuffs. The other method, however, results in products that are more effective in blocking unwanted sounds. We will recommend to you a variety of products shortly to take you one step closer to a peaceful sleep.

The best earmuffs for sleeping:

1. Perytong Sleep Headphones

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Perytong have released noise cancelling sleep headphones for both sleep and sport lovers. Coming in a grey headband style: if you want to buy a supersonic, ultra-comfortable, and high-performance sleeping earphones at an affordable price, then Perytong 3 in 1 sleep headphone are the product for you.


Perytong Bluetooth Sleep Headphones feature a headband designed with wireless speakers inside, which help to tune out external noises and lull you to sleep. This wireless headband adopts the latest Bluetooth 5.0 version with 33 feet of wireless range, and compatible with most iOS, Android or Windows system wireless devices. You can sync it to your iPhone, Android, iPad or laptop, making it applicable for whenever you may need it. It comes with a thin layered fabric, providing comfort for you while you sleep, especially for those of you who are side sleepers. The devices control module is in the middle of speakers, which means it won’t press against the ears when lying in any position. Its sporty design means that you can also wear it outdoors, particularly when traveling or training. Additionally, the thin material is breathable, absorbing sweat and has a fast drying function, making it perfect to clean and reuse when working out.

The product also boasts a strong battery life, lasting up to 10 hours. There are built-in microphone and volume control buttons which enable users to answer hands-free phone calls and handle previous/next song without having to use your phone.


It is difficult to find any flaws in this top quality product. It is designed specifically to cancel noise, and its multi-functions means the customer can get their money’s worth on this kind of investment, as they are reasonably priced, you get bang for your buck!

2. Vizpet Sleep Ear Muff Headbands


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Vizpet have produced a great noice reduction product. This is a black, wooly, over-the-ear product which is perfect for improving your sleep quality. It’s soft material means it can protect your ears in any sleeping position and keep any noise levels under control.


One of the key feature that this product boasts is it’s 35.5 inch headphone cord. This level of room means that whether you want to use this product for sleeping, exercising, travelling etc – all is possible! Another great function about the headband is that it can also be used as an eye mask. It blocks out light while enabling you to listen to music or an e-book, whatever your preference might be. The width of the sleep headphone is in the range between 9.5 and 11 inch. It makes any sleeping position possible, perfect for side sleepers looking for comfort. It is compatible with both Android and Apple products as well as Google and Sony devices. The headband is made from a slim fabric, which means that during the night you won’t be able to feel the headband actively as you sleep. The soft binder helps to exclude the noise perfectly.


We believe this product benefits a range of different users. It can work with children, college students with noisy room-mates, or even married couples that have a snoring spouse! As both an eye-mask or headband, this adaptable product is a reasonable price and can guarantee a peaceful night of sleep.

3. MUSICOZY Sleep Ear Muffs


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According to Musicozy, they promote a way of sleeping based around health unlike any other noise blocking brand on the market right now. This sleep mask could be the next best purchase for you to help with all of your noise reduction issues.


Made from ice silk fabric, these noise cancelling ear muffs provide breathable room and are comfortable for the user throughout any season of the year. They are easy to wash, meaning this reusable function ensures years of great value for the reasonable price you pay initially. It has memory foam around the eye and is light weight, so you won’t feel this sleep mask around your eyes while you engage in a comfortable sleep.

It has Bluetooh V.05 technology as well as state of the art acoustic sound, meaning whether you are playing classical music or your favourite white noise tape, you can hear it through a great quality sound. It has a 10 hour battery life, and if it runs out while you are sleeping, it won’t disturb you with any alarms or alerts.


We believe this would be the perfect gift for either yourself, or someone you might know who struggles with sleep. Suitable for customers of all ages, this eye mask has all of the key components necessary, within a reasonable price, that could improve anyone’s sleep for the better.

How do I block out noise in my sleep?

In order to block out noise when sleeping, ear muffs, or in some cases, silicone earplugs could be your best option. Both share a similar purpose of soundproofing, offering a high noise reduction rating, giving you the chance to have the best nights sleep possible. While some people prefer the light nature of silicone earplugs, they have been proven in the past to irritate your ear canal. The best kind of noise reduction comes from ear muffs for sleeping,

Can earmuffs block out noise?

Yes, and we would recommend ear muffs over an ear plug situation. Many of these products come with a headband that fits around the ears tightly to prevent untoward sound. It is also important to note that ear muffs are a lot more durable than ear plugs. There are usually re-usable. Most products are equally designed to fit a lot of head sizes, . For children, it is important to use ear muffs, especially if you live in a big and noisy city. Any kind of exposure to loud noice can contribute to damage their hearing, which is the last thing any parent wants.

What is the highest dB for ear muffs?

Depending on the ear muff, the DB levels can vary. In the nosiest of settings, the highest average noise level reaches something of about 87dB. Other typical noise reduction levels can go from 22dB to 33dB – all dependant on your situation. Regardless of the level, any of the products mentioned in this article will be able to successfully provide you with noise cancellation to ensure a peaceful nights sleep.