Best Earbuds for Kids 2021 : Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

Updated On February 12, 2021
By Harry Singleton

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Do your little ones love listening to music? Have you ever thought, “gosh, I wonder where I can find the best headphones for kids”? Or even the best earbuds for kids? Luckily, we’ve got you covered. Today we’ll show you our listings for the best earbuds for kids, showing you the earphones and headphones kids love. This will easily save you from mindlessly going to Google and typing in “headphone, kid, cheap”.

If your child likes to listen to music, you’ll want to make sure they’ve got a high caliber model of earbuds suited to:

  • premium sounds and audio performance
  • brilliant noise isolating functionality
  • safe listens and a comfortable fit designed for kids

It really couldn’t be easier to find your kid headphones or earbuds that will suit their listening style, so they can listen to music all day long and you can be assured that their ear tips are protected.

Any listening experience needs to be kid friendly; kids use their phones more and more each day as time goes on. In using their phone, they’ll listen to music a lot more – meaning you need to ensure that they have ear buds that provide a volume limit to reduce harmful volume levels. This is where kids’ earbuds are superior to, say, bluetooth headphones which are the best fit for many adults who want a premium audio experience.

Read this article to see how you can find the best earbuds for kids, giving your kid headphone models you know they’ll enjoy. Here’s what we’ve got coming up:

  • The 10 best earbuds for kids
  • Our top 3:

Top Overall- MOXKING Joymiso Earbuds with Case

Top for the Money- JVC HAFX5P Gumy Plus

Top for Sound Qualities- Etymotic Research ETY Kids5

  • What to consider when buying
  • FAQs

The 10 Best Earbuds for Kids

1. Panasonic ErgoFit Earbud Headphones

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Our first product is the Panasonic Ergofit earbuds. They’re absolutely premium for comfy use, clear sound, and balanced stereo sound such as natural treble and full bass. These Panasonic ErgoFit earbuds have soft earphone tips and allow you to easily make phone calls, whilst providing you with amazing bass sound and three silicon tip options for premium comfort.

Lightweight, stylish, and with a long 3.6 ft cord, these are the perfect light weight in-ear headphones for your little ones, ensuring that they’ve got the best technology for the cheapest price. An easy means to happiness and stereo sound.

Key Info

  • Compatible with Android, iPhone and Blackberry
  • S/M/L Eartips
  • Range of colors
  • Phone call controller and mic function
  • 9mm neodymium drivers

Best Features

  • Compatible with a lot of smartphones
  • Model comes in different colors
  • Large drivers feature a premium, crisp sound

2. Etymotic Research ETY-Kids5 Safe Listening Earphones

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Our second earphones on the list are our favorite for top sound clarity, so you’ll be hearing all the noises of your favorite bands in no time. The ETY Kids5 Earphones are highly rated, come in a few different color types, and have a short enough cord that you won’t get tangled wires every time!

The moving coil driver size are tailored to small ears and safe sound outputs, which means that your little ones are at no risk with these earphones- they’re perfect for every kid.

Key Info

  • 300 Ohms impedances for safe functions
  • 6mm neodymium moving coil driver
  • Reinforced cable with high-gloss finish
  • Have your choice of colors
  • Compatible with Android, iPhone, or other smartphones and tablets

Best Features

  • Low cost
  • Sleek design
  • Comes with a carrying case

3. Joysico Wired Earphones for Kids

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These sport earphones from Joysico are the ideal model for any participant – whether you’re a sporty person or just a kid looking for some easy-listen earbud types. They’re a great addition for all the family, time after time.

At a low price and with a mic option for phone calls, these are perfect for tablets, smartphones, or any other iPad, iPod, any type of gadgets you’re using.

Key Info

  • Joysico provide premium customer support services, to help you with whatever manner of support you require in any times
  • Perfect for study, playing games, or any other activity
  • No sweat with sweatproof technology
  • Fab range of frequencies and Ohms impedance for safe functions

Best Features

  • Premium noise isolation
  • Feel relaxed with these comfortable, light weight earbuds
  • Guaranteed to minimise noise sensitivity or any similar problem for anyone needing noise cancellation

4. QearFun Stereo Ear Cat Earphones

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These earphones are perhaps some of the more fun designs we have! Compatible with most Apple generation devices and one of the coolest accessories around, these are the QearFun Stereo Cat Earphones, which come with a stylish carry case.

These lightweight buds come in numerous color options, and are made of premium comfy materials so you can have your kids listen to all of their favorite song tracks on their MP3 players, without the hassle of buying them matching speakers. Life is worry free!

Key Info

  • Bargain price to give you a worry- free life
  • Compatible with next-generation phones and devices
  • Many a positive rating on Amazon
  • These earpieces have dimensions such as 4 inch long cables, an earphone box, and a 3 inch diameter for earpieces

Best Features

  • Stylish travel case / travel pouch
  • Cheap
  • Microphone functions
  • Solid body made of premium materials

5. JVC HAFX5 Gumy Plus

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At amazing value and high rating reviews, these JVC earphones are a brilliant, light weight pick for your kids to listen to all their favorite songs.

These are better than any premium in-ear headphones, as the earphone tips are comfortable and easy to pop in your ear. Given that they’re wired, there’s no worry about battery life.

Key Info

  • Tested for premium durability
  • Brilliant for noise isolation or noise cancellation
  • Easy listening
  • Lots of color to choose from
  • 11m powerful neodymium driver

Best Features

  • Low price, great value
  • Perfect for audio makers such as an MP3 player
  • Wonderful headphones for use with a tablet or other device

6. AmazonBasics In-Ear Wired Earbuds

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These headphones from Amazon are perfect for your children and their devices. The AmazonBasics in ear earbuds with a microphone provide a tangle-free cable, feature a range of color design picks, and are suitable for use with any device your children use.

These headphones are one of the most perfect companions to the ears of your children, and they’re compatible with a range of devices. They also feature a 3.9 foot cable and a wide frequency range with a max input of 10 mW.

Key Info

  • Upgraded make, so even better than the previous design
  • Microphone technology
  • These headphones can be threaded through clothing
  • A pair of these headphones is a bargain purchase for the cheap price
  • 1 year warranty coverage

Best Features

  • Your children will be more than satisfied with this sleek design – get them a pair to use today
  • Comfortable silicon ear tips for comfy in-ear playback
  • Build-in microphone design for ease of use

7. JVC Memory Foam Earbud Marshmallow

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The seventh product we have provides a treat for every child – as they’re another feature from JVC! The memory foam marshmallow-soft earbuds are perfect for all children, as they’re comfy, secure, and come in a lot of different color designs.

With a neodymium driver unit for a feature of powerful sound, and no fuss of Bluetooth connectivity due to the handy cable, your children and their ears will be treated to music playing headphones that keep their ears safe, fit expertly, and are stylish.

Key Info

  • Lightweight cable and earbud cushions for maximum ease and comfy use
  • Earbud tips are designed for little ears
  • Your children can listen at home or on the go – they’re suitable for any age
  • Foam tips provide make your children and their ears comfy, no matter the age

Best Features

  • Light weight design makes these earbuds comfy
  • Another one of the highs, these earbuds have premium sound qualities to play all songs
  • Cables are long enough for max support, but do not get tangled

8. Joymiso Tangle Free Earbuds

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Our eighth product to pay attention to are the Joymiso Tangle Free Earbuds. They’re every bit as brilliant as advertised, and give you premium sounds for an affordable cost.

A perfect answer to low budgets, they’re a great replacement for higher end models in this category, with their range of settings and easy use that satisfy users every time.

With distortion free sound and a comfortable feel, these will boast a brilliant spectrum of frequencies for wired earphones. You’ll be a fan of these recommendations – the majority of Amazon reviewers are. They’ll let your children listen to anything, even a video or movie, at a range of volumes.

Key Info

  • Durable from premium construction and effective operation
  • Tangle free
  • Sounds brilliant
  • Full immersion with noise cancellation
  • Carry bags to prevent damage
  • Microphone control so you can easily answer your cellphone with no bit of trouble

Best Features

  • Compatible with many audio devices
  • Crystal clear sound straight to your ear canal
  • Let your child rock out to their favorite music with this great pair of earbuds
  • Built in microphone
  • Comes with carry cases – a brilliant combination of durability and high caliber

9. LilGadgets Bestbuds Limited Volume Earbuds

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Our penultimate product will give your kids loudness in their music sessions, but still with the goal of limiting their sound to a healthy average. Of the thousands of earbuds out there, LilGadgets’ BestBuds provide some of the best.

A brilliant source of value, the common sense opinion – and the large number of positive reviews – would suggest that you have to see these earbuds for your little ones.

With a light weight and tangle free wire, anyone can listen to their favorite beats on the go. It even comes with a travel pouch to avoid damage.

Key Info

  • Satisfaction warranty policy if you change your mind
  • SharePort Adapter to share tunes with friends
  • Travel cases for durability
  • Recommended age 6+

Best Features

  • Pay attention to these lightweight earbuds- their tangle-free wire provides a great addition
  • Smart designs
  • Comfy ear tips

10. Symphonized Kids Premium Wood Headphones

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Our final product is a brilliant product for any kind of music your kids want to hear. The Symphonized Wood in-Ear Headphones in Firetruck Red come with an eco-friendly carry bag and premium sound features.

Designed with child safety at the helm, there’s an 85 dB volume limiter so ears are not damaged. What’s more, they’re perfect for smaller ears due to the custom fit three-type flange earbuds tips. Any music can be easily listened to, on any device. With a tangle free audio cable, they epitomise easy playback. Just pop down your name, email, and payment details and they’re yours!

Key Info

  • Child safety design
  • Comfy for smaller ears
  • User friendly with a range of controls
  • Sleek and stylish
  • Eco friendly aspect

Best Features

  • Universal compatibility
  • Brilliant design
  • Comfy to use

Our Top Picks

Best Overall

Our favorite overall is the MOXKING Joymiso tangle-free earbuds. They’re less than mid-range in terms of costs, and their product description boasts brilliant sound isolation, good sound outputs, volume control for adjusting the volume level, and much more.

These light weight earbuds are a much better purchase than weightier models such as in-ear headphones or Bluetooth headphones, and their volume limiting technology ensures that your children can listen to their tunes safely and whilst they have fun!

Best for the Money

If you’re looking to save the bucks but still trying to find the best earbuds for kids with a brilliantly high quality, you should check out the JVC HAFX5P Gumy Plus.

These brilliant earbuds for kids are of a very high quality – they offer a load of exciting designs to make your listening experience stylish, and are tested for durability. With soft eartips and a comfy fit, there’s really no better choice for the money. Your kids will thank you for these!

Their sound outputs and frequency spectrums are both safe and effective – so you’re meeting your price range and preventing hearing damage in one fell swoop.

Best Sound Quality

The earbuds that have the absolute clearest sound in our opinion, are the Etymotic Research ETY Kids5 Safe-Listening earbuds. These are a clear choice for clear sound, providing you with a comfortable fit, a ton of cool colors, and above all else – a premium audio quality that you’d be hard pressed to find elsewhere.

These earbuds are perfect for ages 4 and above, provide a high gloss finish, have an assortment of ear tips so small ears aren’t neglected, and a carrying pouch for convenience. There’s an option to have volume limited with easy volume control, and the 20 Hz- 15 kHz frequency response is highly enviable.

What to Consider When Buying Earbuds for Kids

Before you even begin to buy earbuds for your kids, you need to have a think about the different features you want to consider before you type in your name, email, and other details and press ‘order’.

You’ll want to find ear buds that have many audio features that provide high quality noise control and volume level adjustments, as well as safety features. And, let’s face it, they’re kids – so they’ll want something that looks cool with bright designs too. Here’s our top considerations for buying earbuds for kids.


One of the most key considerations of buying ear buds for your kids is the durability. You want to ensure that your earbuds are going to be made of high quality material that will stand the test of time. The material should be light weight, comfortable, and be made of material that doesn’t cause an allergic reaction or provoke sensitive skin.

Silicon is a common material used, because of its comfy qualities. Earbuds such as the JVC marshmallow come with a brilliant build quality with premium coil drivers, meaning that your ear canals are protected and comfortable whilst the audio sound output stays at top level, with no sound leakage, providing listening enjoyment for years.

Audio Level

Audio levels are also very pivotal to the success of your earbuds for kids. The noise level needs to correspond to your chosen listening levels, whilst the ear bud type needs to provide a satisfaction guarantee on the sound level afforded. Makes such as LilGadgets BestBuds Volume Limited are good choices for a high power output and good variety of volume control, whilst also being child friendly.

Your children deserve everything in one place, with an option that gives something for everyone and offers one of the better choices on the market. Any stable of high performance has to be the audio levels and their adjustability. A high impedance is the key stat responsible for volume limiting technologies in kids’ earbuds.

Audio Quality

The audio quality is also key when considering everything you need for your kids’ earbuds. As parents, you’ll want your children to have the absolute best of the best, allowing them to have premium hearing quality without giving hearing loss or damage over time. You’ll be able to keep the volume low on ambient noise and surrounding chatter, as your children can plug their earphones in and listen to earphones with premium sound quality.

This audio quality generally is affected by the size of the drivers, and the level of intensity in dB. Always check the description of each products before making a decision about which choices are ultimately the best for sound quality and volume for your child. You want a best buy that isn’t going to lump your child with a hearing aid in their ear or a bad case of Tinnitus, and instead will provide premium noise isolating and volume limiting properties.


This depends on a few different things, when you’re trying to find the best noise isolating earbuds for your kids. The soft silicon eartips of most earbuds means that comfy use is pretty much a given. This means that when you’re on a long drive or trying to keep your kids entertained, they can just plug into their smartphones and listen away.

Another key thing that many parents forget is that comforts refer not just to physical satisfaction, but emotional satisfaction too – in terms of aesthetics. Do your kids like the look of the earbuds you’ve bought? Did you get blue when they wanted pink?

Therefore, it’s also pretty important to find a high quality pair of kids’ earbuds that have a rocking style and a plethora of designs. This way, you can even ask your kids to help you choose which styles, and motifs they want – so they can be the coolest kid in school as soon as you fill in your name, email, and payment details.


What are good earbuds for small ears?

Youngsters have smaller ears. That’s an easy conclusion for any parent. It’s important to keep these reasons and factors in your head when buying earbuds for someone like kids or a smaller person, because you’ll want to make sure the earbuds you purchase offer premium compatibility and ergonomic comfort. It’s no use buying your daughter a pair of Bluetooth headphones that won’t even stay on her ears, and slip off in strenuous activities.

Most brands that produce earbuds for kids will have an easy option suited to small ears, in order to keep this protection of comfort. Our particular favorite is the Joysico Sport Headphones, which are ideal for teenagers and children alike- any sort of adolescent listeners will be well suited to these earbuds, whether on a long flight or needing quick entertainment on the way to school. Your kids can even have the benefit of reading stories without opening a book – audiobooks are a magical thing…

What are the best earbuds for 2021?

The best earbuds for 2021 are not so much a brand, they’re more a set of things you need to keep in mind – some key information before making your final choice. The reason for this is because different people have different needs, different smartphone models, different prices in mind – what is midrange to one person may be too expensive for others.

That’s why we’ve done the hard job on this site and given you all the suggestions in the world to think about when you buy ear buds for your kids and their phone. From impedance to frequency, to driver size, to budget – any and all considerations are covered in our set of information above.

That said, our favorite set of budget earphones on this list are the MOXKING Joymiso tangle-free earbuds.

What are the top 5 earbuds?

We’ve done you one better than choosing a top 5 for your youngsters; we’ve even chosen a top 3. Scroll further up to see what we think are the best overall,the best for the money, and the best for sound quality. Our listings offer a little something for everyone, there’s plenty of variety for all ages and the whole family!

Our customers are important to us, so we’ve done absolutely everything needed to help you choose the best kids’ earbuds for your family. Don’t sweat the small stuff – we’ve got every fact covered so you can just focus on the key information.

What are the best earbuds for sound quality?

The best earbuds for sound quality, like any other earbuds, should encompass lots of important features that make them suitable for home or on-the-go use. For example, you’ll need earbuds that can play all of your favorite songs whilst having a safe-listen limit so volume doesn’t get too high.

The best pairs of earbuds for your kids will also provide good impedance and a premium frequency response rating. The sizes of drivers are also another spec that affects the safe sound output levels – with coil shapes and sizes providing a limit of how much volume enters the ear canal.

Our favorite choice for sound quality is the Etymotic Research earbuds. Don’t sweat it, scroll back up to read our description.