Best Wireless Earbuds for Working out 2020

1. PlayBeatz2. TOZO3.  Letscom
PlayBeatz Bluetooth BudsTozo T10 Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds Best Wireless Earbuds For Great Work Out Letscom IPX7 Workout Earphones

A gym workout becomes more interesting if matched with high energy and motivating music as it helps you to keep going and pushing for more. If the ambient music playing in the gym is not good enough for you, you can always carry along your own devices and use the Best Wireless Earbuds For Great Work Out to listen to your favorite playlists.

Earbuds are getting popular as they do not have cables that can get tangled or cause injuries during the long workout sessions. Nowadays earbuds are safe to use in the gym without any worries about damaging them as most of the latest models are both water and sweatproof.


Earbuds not only enhance your overall workout experience but also help you stay in touch by allowing you to make and receive calls easily if required while offering you amazing sound clarity. Earbuds are immensely beneficial and hence favorite among sports and fitness enthusiasts.

However, being able to select the best earbuds is not easy and requires a careful comparison of all the models. To make your task easier, we have put together a list of the best ones and the factors you should look out for.

Top 20 Best Wireless Earbuds For Working Out 2020

1. PlayBeatz Bluetooth Buds

PlayBeatz Bluetooth Buds

Music lovers will love these earbuds that have been designed and crafted for hours of music playing without any connectivity interruptions, thanks to the latest Bluetooth technology that these sleek and stylish earbuds have, which makes them the best wireless over the ear headphones for working out.

The crystal-clear sound and one-touch functionality make these earbuds the preferred choice for those music connoisseurs who are looking for seamless and completely exciting music experience. Each PlayBeatz earbud, has been crafted using high-quality materials and have been tested for durability and performance.

All the earbuds are designed for the link and play connectivity so that you can start using them the moment you remove them from the box. You can easily pair them with all types of devices be it Android, iOS, or others.

The earbuds have been built with acoustic vents for better sound quality and clarity, along with a re-engineered design that helps minimize sound loss, while maximizing sound output. These true stereo speakers have been crafted for wider, more balanced soundstage and exceptional quality.

The PlayBeatz earbuds have been designed for fast flash charging and will give you over 4 hours of music/talk time with a single charge. The unique PlayBeatz case will also give you an additional 18 hours of playtime, thanks to its in-built charging facility.


  • Syncs with all devices
  • One-touch controls
  • Bluetooth range up to 33 ft


  • Needs charging every 4 hours

2. Tozo T10 Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds

Tozo T10 Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds Best Wireless Earbuds For Great Work Out

Style meets substance in these dynamically designed earbuds that have won more than 37,000 positive reviews on Amazon. High customer satisfaction and sleek design have also won the coveted “Amazon’s Choice” tag on the site.

Get a chance to use the latest and best Bluetooth 5.0 technology with T10 Tozo model and enjoy seamless and uninterrupted connectivity to listen to your favorite playlists. The high-end connectivity technology also helps you make and receive calls without worrying about any call drops or cables tangling with each other.

These earbuds have been designed to produce stereophonic sound and support HSP HFP A2DP AVRCP technologies. Users will appreciate the truly authentic sound and powerful bass performance of the 8mm large size speaker driver, which is 1.77 the size of normal drive areas.

The crystal clear and sharp sound makes it one of the best wireless headphones for working out at the gym and will help you enjoy your exercise session. These earbuds offer hassle-free pairing and will connect automatically when removed from the charging case.

What makes these earbuds ideal for wear during exercising and jogging etc, is its sweatproof feature thanks to the nano-coating that is present on both the earbuds and inside the charging case.


  • This special nano-coating keeps the earbuds waterproof for up to 1 meter deep for at least 30 minutes which makes it ideal for all sports.
  • Charging case supports wireless charging


  • Just 4 hours playing time per charge

3. Letscom IPX7 Workout Earphones

Letscom IPX7 Workout Earphones

With more than 11,000 positive reviews these are the best wireless earbuds for working out at home or in the gym. Designed for an extraordinary sound experience these earbuds sport an 11mm vibrating diaphragm, CSR chip, and amazing technology which helps deliver high-fidelity audio.

With special features such as CVC noise cancellation, built-in high-quality mic for superior sound reproduction that offers excellent audio output and superb bass sound, these earbuds are designed to delight all your senses. A very clear high and low volume ensures that your voice is clear to the listener.

What makes these earbuds perfect for working out is the waterproof features that make it sweat resistant. The earbuds also have nano-coating which keeps them protected from heavy rains or excessive sweating while gymming, running, jogging, hiking, or undertaking any other intensive activity.

Easy to use, these earbuds have been designed for easy operation with simple to use control buttons on the headphones that help you play and pause the music whenever you want, and also easily adjust the volume, skip tracks, answer calls and even activate voice controls on the phone.

The built-in polymer battery gives you a playtime of up to 8 hours, with just a 2 hours charge. Lightweight and ergonomically designed these are comfortable to use even for long periods.


  • Soft silicone ear hooks for secure wear
  • Battery capacity display on the phone
  • Bluetooth 4.1 technology


  • No carrying case

4. Anker Soundcore Wireless Earbuds

Anker Soundcore Wireless Earbuds

The Liberty Neo series is one of Soundcore’s prime audio brands which is gaining popularity due to the excellent sound quality it offers to listeners. It has been equipped with well-tuned graphene drivers that are designed especially for a crystal-clear sound output. This are ultra-light weight ear buds each ear bud weighing only 0.2 oz to offer fatigue free experience even after hours of use.

Graphene is a material that is 100 times harder than steel and 35% lighter than traditional driver diaphragms, which helps it oscillates with extreme precision to give the songs a larger soundstage and exceptional accuracy across the entire frequency range.

The proprietary Bass Up technology developed by Anker is designed to identify and analyze low frequencies in real-time and boos the bass by almost 43% so that you can actually feel and truly experience the wonders of bass music.

These well-crafted earbuds sport an external antenna that has been paired with Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity for a seamless and uninterrupted link between the earbuds and your devices, so that you can enjoy uninterrupted music wherever you go.

What makes them the best earbuds for working out are the IPX7 waterproofing, which enables the buds to be used even while sweating it out in the gym without any worries. You can conveniently wash the earbuds under a tap, to remove the sweat from them.


  • Proprietary grip fit technology to fit your earbuds firmly and comfortably in your ear.
  • Ultra-lightweight makes them comfortable to use for long periods


  • Needs recharging every 5 hours.

5. Senso Wireless Earbuds

Senso Wireless Earbuds

Rich dynamic bass and awesome sound quality make these earbuds one of the best wireless earbuds for working out. The earbuds offer crisp clear sound and have the latest Bluetooth technology for connectivity, which is the reason they have received more than 3,500 positive ratings on Amazon and the prestigious Amazon’s Choice tag.

These Senso earbuds have been crafted to produce the highest fidelity music and have the latest acoustic components. It helps you have clear conversations with those whom you are communicating as it has an integrated advanced Goertek microphone that has been specially designed to produce the best sound quality during calls.

What makes these earphones indispensable is the fact that they can easily be charged in 2 hours to provide you with up to 8 hours of music playback/calling time. These earbuds are also ideal as the first pair of earbuds you will use since they are very easy to set up without any hassles.

These earbuds can also be worn to the gym for your exercise routine as they have indigenously designed ear hooks that can be adjusted and placed as per the shape of your ear. You may not even notice that you are wearing them as they are a very lightweight design and comfortable to wear for extended hours. It comes with 3 pairs of comfortable gel ear tips.


  • Specially designed for wear during your daily workouts and outdoor activities such as running, jogging, etc.
  • 360-degree antenna along with Bluetooth technology offers you seamless, uninterrupted connectivity
  • You can use them for a distance up to 30 ft away from your connected device.


  • No carrying case

6. Boltune Wireless Earbuds

Boltune Wireless Earbuds

When it comes to using earbuds for working out or going for a jog, the primary thing you need to consider is will they get affected by your sweat and stop working. The sleekly well-designed earbuds by Boltune don’t disappoint you at all on this front, as they are built with the latest IPX7 waterproof technology which offers the best maximum sweat and water resistance.

With 16 hours of continuous playback, these earbuds will ensure that you never have a dull or boring moment in the gym while exercising and also help you stay connected easily with both your personal and business contacts. Even a short 5-minute charge will help you use the earbuds conveniently for up to 2 hours, so rest assured that you are covered on the power and charging front while working out.

The Boltune earbuds have been designed and built with the latest Bluetooth V5.0 technology so that you can connect it easily with all your devices for a seamless connection within seconds. They also have the latest and most effective noise isolation technology along with 10mm dynamic drivers that help deliver powerful sound.

An ergonomic fit and superior HD stereo sound experience have helped these stylish earbuds generate more than 4,000 positive reviews and the highly preferred “Amazon’s Choice” tag.


  • Magnetic earbuds, that clasp together for safety.
  • Ideal for gyms and other physical activity due to their small size and water resistivity


  • Not truly wireless design

7. JBuds Air True Wireless Earbuds

JBuds Air True Wireless Earbuds

If you are looking for some great listening pleasure and being truly wireless, then the JBuds Air is a model you should consider due to its great features and awesome sound quality. Designed with an auto on and connect feature, as soon as you remove them from the charging case these earbuds are very easy to connect with your device and hassle-free to use.

You will enjoy seamless and easy connectivity thanks to its Class 1 Bluetooth 5.0 connection which lets you enjoy uninterrupted music playing and calling without worrying about any call drops. It also has a truly awesome 6+ hours of playing capacity, which is well supported by the carrying case, which can charge your earbuds for another 18 hours.

Easy to access controls and different listening modes such as JLab Signature, Balanced and Bass Boost that you can set, without the need of an app make these earbuds indispensable. You can also use these earbuds in your gym or while exercising as they are IP55 sweat resistant.

These buds have been designed to hold up against both sweat and moisture so that you can wear them comfortably without any worries.

The in-built microphone of these earbuds, helps you activate Siri, Google Assistance, and other voice-based applications for your convenience. You can also use it conveniently to make and receive voice calls while on the go.


  • Packed in a sleek compact carrying case that also charges the earbuds
  • Lights to indicate power levels
  • Designed for everyday use and while at the gym, or jogging, etc.


  • Needs charging periodically

8. Letscom Wireless Earbuds

Letscom Wireless Earbuds

The wireless charging feature of these well-designed earbuds, by Letscom, makes them an attractive buy especially for those people who plan on using their earbuds outdoors regularly, since its very handy when you don’t have a charging point easily accessible.

Matched with the awesome authentic sound output of these earbuds, perfectly balanced bass, treble, and mid-range sound these earbuds can be acclaimed as the best wireless headphones for working out whenever you want.

These earbuds have also been ergonomically designed to give you a comfortable wearing experience while also blocking out all unwanted noise to give you a great calling experience. The latest Multi Cast Synchronization Technology can auto switch between earbuds. Enjoy music without any lag/delay with either left or right earphones alone.

Hit the gym with these earbuds along with your fav playlist for a great workout, with no worries about charging them frequently as they can comfortably play for 4 to 5 hours on a single charge. Adding to its power is the unique, stylish carrying case that can further charge the earbuds for around 80 hours.

Another added feature of the carrying case is that it can be also be used as a power bank. All these features combined have helped the Letscom earbuds receive more than 2,000 positive reviews on Amazon.


  • Water and sweat-resistant
  • Each earbud can be used independently or together.
  • Syncs easily with your device


  • Needs charging after every 4-5 hours of playback

9. Letsfit IPX7 Wireless Earbuds

Letsfit IPX7 Wireless Earbuds

The waterproof, nano-coating on these earphones makes them the best wireless earbuds for working out as you don’t have to worry about them getting clogged with your sweat, etc. So you can look forward to a great time at your gym while you exercise. The one-button controls give you complete control over your music and let you skip, rewind tracks or adjust the volume as you want.

These controls also help you manage your incoming and outgoing calls conveniently, while also helping you activate voice commands or speak to Siri quite easily. The high-end acoustic design of the earbuds offers a great listening experience and complements the Bluetooth connection which helps deliver HD quality sound.

The CVC chip and noise-canceling technology built inside the earbuds blocks out all ambient noise so that you can listen to your music peacefully or make calls without any distractions and missing a part of the conversation.

Conveniently enjoy 8 hours of music with just a single charge of two hours and keep track of your battery usage on your phone itself, so that you are always aware of when you need to recharge your device again. Light weight design offers comfortable and stable wearing.


  • Handsfree Calling
  • Stable, seamless connectivity via Bluetooth
  • Designed for comfortable wear


  • No carrying case that can be used as a charger

10. Vislla Sweatproof Wireless Earbuds

Vislla Sweatproof Wireless Earbuds

Go wireless and enjoy your music wherever you go, be it the gym or your office with these well designed sweatproof stereo bass sound earbuds by Vislla that have been designed to let you live a cord-free life. Enjoy the one-step pairing that these earbuds offer thanks to the in-built Bluetooth 5.0 chip and latest connectivity technology, which makes it very easy to connect them with your device.

Both the earbuds will automatically pair with each other, the moment you remove them from the charging case, and then pair with your device when you select them from your Bluetooth settings. Its simple to operate hence suitable for all ages.

The 110mAh battery that has been built-in offers you a great uninterrupted listening experience for up to 8 hours on a full charge, while the well designed and stylish carrying case gives you all all-day power of more than 24 hours continuous using time so that you never have to worry about being out of power.

Designed with adjustable & secure-fit ear hooks that will keep the earbuds in place while you are running or in the gym. What makes them comfortable in wearing them for a long time is the soft ear tips and ergonomic design. It comes with 3 pairs of spare ear caps.


  • Each earbud can be used separately
  • Multi-functional earphones
  • 500mAh charging case that helps charge the earbuds


  • Needs frequent charging

11. Axloie Sports Wireless Earbuds

Axloie Sports Wireless Earbuds

These buds are designed and crafted to heighten your gym experience and help you give your best while listening to your favorite tracks. The skin friendly, flexible, rubber ear hooks of these earbuds have been designed to fit perfectly in your ear and give you a firm fit that will keep you going. An ultra-light design makes them comfortable to wear for extended periods without any worries about them falling out.

Axloie’s proprietary technology uses an indigenously designed algorithm that does a real-time analysis on the music and intensifies the low frequencies to give up to 30% more bass while performing incredible sound quality and crystal-clear treble sound.

You can take advantage of the latest Bluetooth 5.0 technology that these earbuds have to establish a strong and stable connection with your device, without any wires. The earbuds have been designed to instantly connect once they are taken out of their carrying case. It has a fast one-step pairing technology, which helps you access your music easily and fast.

Designed to work on low power, these earbuds will give you an amazing 5 hours of play and talk time with just a single charge. What also makes them a hot favorite, is their carrying case that gives you an additional 20 hours of playtime, that you can enjoy on your long trips.


  • IPX7 waterproofing technology makes them sweat-free and ideal for your gym activities
  • 18 months of warranty
  • Designed to fit comfortably and not fall out accidentally


  • Needs frequent charging

12. Beben TWS Stereo IP68 Wireless Earbuds

Beben TWS Stereo IP68 Wireless Earbuds

With an amazing 30 hours of charging time, available through its charging case these earbuds are the perfect companion for you whenever you are planning a long trip or want to enjoy your music for many hours without any interruptions.

Many people who have used these earbuds find them the best wireless earbuds for working out due to its superb uninterrupted connectivity and crystal-clear sound. It sports the latest Bluetooth 5.0 technology that helps you connect your device with One-Step. Only need to take out two earbuds or any single earbud after you open Bluetooth function, they will open and connect automatically.

These earbuds are designed and built to support A2DP, AVRCP, HFP, HSP, and can connect easily with your Laptop, iPad, iPhone, Android, and even help you use SIRI. The perfect gym accessory, these earbuds are IP68 waterproof so that you don’t need to worry about them getting damaged due to your sweat while you are exercising or if you get caught by in unexpected rains while running or jogging.

Even the carrying case these sleek looking earbuds come in are waterproof and designed to handle dust, water, etc quite comfortably. The easy to use button controls make using these earbuds a pleasure and will help you increase or decrease the volume and go back or forward the songs etc.


  • Awesome 3D and Binaural Sound effects that give you a realistic sound experience
  • Truly wireless so no dangling cords or connecting cables
  • It has three different sized earbuds, that you can select from for your comfort.


  • Just 6 hours of battery power

13. TWS Wireless Earbuds

TWS Wireless Earbuds

Experience the best music with exceptional accuracy and crystal-clear sound quality while working out at the gym with these stylish and beautifully designed earbuds by Pasonomi. So good is the sound quality and output of theses earbuds that they have received more than 2,000 positive reviews on Amazon and also the tag of being an “Amazon’s Choice” product.

Super simple to use, you just need to take them out of their exceptionally well-designed case and you are good to go. Both the earbuds pair automatically with each other and are just one step away from being paired with your device. Once connected you can enjoy hours of endless music or make and receive calls for a long time thanks to the in-built battery.

A helpful addition to extend your playing time is the carrying case of these earbuds, with which you can extend their battery life for an additional time. The ergonomic design of these earbuds makes them comfortable to use the whole day, while also keeping them fit and secure in your ear. Pasonomi has also included different sized ear tips so that you can try the one that fits your ears perfectly all the time.


  • Intelligent touchpad control
  • Carrying case can also charge other devices
  • Snug fit helps block out some of the ambient noise


  • Earbuds have 4 hours power capacity

14. JLab 3 EQ Wireless Earbuds

JLab 3 EQ Wireless Earbuds

When it comes to innovative and well-designed earbuds, JLabs has made quite a mark for itself with its indigenously and sleekly designed products that are setting the norm and being recognized as the best wireless sport headphones.

What makes these earbuds special and truly impressive are its high 6-hour battery life and the dual-purpose carrying case that keeps the earbuds going for an additional 34+ hours.

The case can easily be recharged with the patent-pending USB cable that comes with these earbuds. Apart from its battery capacity the earbuds are also well appreciated for their IP66 sweat resistance, which ensures that the earbuds are well protected against sweat and dirt, whenever you are outdoors.

The ergonomically designed ear hook fits are designed for even the smallest ears and help the earbuds stay securely and comfortably in place whenever you use them. The Bluetooth 5.0 ensures fast and stable connection with your device, for an uninterrupted listening experience and even while making calls. The earbuds offer a stereo quality audio experience while making calls so that you can have the best voice clarity on both ends.

Easy to use touch sensors help you to control the music and phone calls with just a tap or two on any of the earbuds.


  • Custom EQ3 equalizer with three different modes
  • Easy ambient sound on/off feature
  • Comfort secure fit


  • Needs more battery life for the earbuds

15. Enacfire E60 Wireless Earbuds

Enacfire E60 Wireless Earbuds

The Qualcomm apt-X technology incorporated in these wireless earbuds manufactured by Encafore provides users with powerful, low-bit rate transmission and scalability for a lossless audio experience that is out of this world. No wonder it has received more than 1400 positive ratings on Amazon from customers who have bought and tried these earbuds, before reviewing it.

Music and workout lovers will love the thrilling experience that these earbuds offer, which will make their workout more interesting and exciting. Adding to the immense user-friendly experience of using these earbuds, is the well designed and multi-purpose carrying case that also quietly charges your earbuds whenever you place them inside.

Created and crafted for sport these earbuds have a dynamic ergonomic design which ensures that while these earbuds are comfortable to use, they also stay fixed and firm in your ear while exercising, jogging, and taking part in other physical activities.

You also don’t need to worry about changing their settings as these earbuds can easily be controlled using the sensitive touch screen controls that let you control the volume levels and other features.

A highly acclaimed 8 hours of battery life that is further enhanced through another 40 hours of charging when placed in their case, ensures you always have enough power wherever you go, without worrying about the batteries running out.


  • Ideal for gym use due to its waterproof feature
  • Long extended battery life to watch movies, listen to your fav tunes, etc.
  • Non-slip design for comfort


  • Needs periodic cleaning

16. Spidoc Wireless Earbuds

Spidoc Wireless Earbuds

If you are looking for earbuds that are very easy to connect and pair with your devices within seconds, then the 5.0 Deep Bass Earphones by Spidoc are one of the models you should consider. Not only are these one of the best-designed earbuds, but they also provide you with an excellent crystal- clear sound experience that you will fall in love with.

The Twin earbuds connect instantly and then pair with your device using the in-built latest Bluetooth 5.0 technology that they have. You can conveniently use each bud separately and even pair each of them with different devices if you want as per your preference.

These earbuds have specially designed ergonomic hooks which let you easily hook them to your ear and keep them secured, while you work out at the gym or take part in other physical activities. These earbuds also have a special in-ear design which makes them easy and comfortable to wear for long periods without feeling any strain or pain.

The built-in speakers are designed for optimum sound quality with deep bass and treble. Even the calls you make will sound clear and sharp to the caller or receiver on the other end thanks to the indigenously designed in-built mics.


  • Compatible with both Android and iOS devices
  • The charging case can be used to charge the earbuds
  • Offers 7-8 hours of playtime on a single charge


  • Different connection protocols for Android & iOS devices

17. Yineme Workout Earbuds

Yineme Workout Earbuds

Enjoy your workout sessions when using these stylish and great performing earbuds by Yinme which have the latest Bluetooth 5.0 technology that enables the earbuds to connect instantly with your device for a long uninterrupted session with your favorite songs while working out. All you need to do is remove them from the charging case, that’s all.

For those of you, who are looking for a comfortable ear hook while wearing the earbuds, these are one of the models you should consider as they have been built to be the best wireless earbuds for working out. You can use one of both sides without requiring any difficult operation.

These ear hooks have been made of the latest and best memory wire material which lets you adjust their shape as per the shape of your ear. Designed to fit, you don’t have to worry about them falling off during your workout.

One of the advantages of these earbuds while working out is that you don’t have to worry about them running out of power since they offer an incredible 12 hours of music playing / calling time with a single charge.

Apart from the high battery capacity of these earbuds, what makes them more desirable is the amazing 24 hours of charging capacity that it carrying case has, which will help you enjoy hours of uninterrupted music while on your long trips. The charging case is different from conventional charging cases. It is a zippered box and the outer cover is made of snowflake fabric.


  • Zipped carrying case made of fashionable snow cloth
  • Sweatproof design for all-time usage
  • 10 mm large speaker driver for natural sound


  • May need frequent charging

18. Rokeye Sweatproof Earbuds

Rokeye Sweatproof Earbuds

An Amazon’s Choice product with more than 1,000 positive ratings, these earbuds are a heart stealer and a product you should consider buying if you are looking for good quality and durable earbuds, which produce the best sound.

Designed for uninterrupted and seamless Bluetooth connectivity, these truly wireless earbuds are designed to offer you complete freedom of movement without worrying about any wires, cords, etc. They sport the latest Bluetooth technology which ensures that you can pair them with all your devices easily.

The connectivity of these earbuds with your device is very fast, with the signal being stable even over long distances. The connectivity range is up to 33 feet.

These earbuds are designed for a long playtime as they have an advanced lithium polymer battery which gives you 3 – 6 hours of playtime and around 200 hours of standby time, which is enough to let you use them uninterrupted without any battery over problems. Moreover, the battery can be fully charged in 1.5 hours.

What makes them the best wireless earbuds for working out, is their ergonomic design and the ability to fit perfectly in your ears, so that they don’t fall out while you work out in the gym or go for a jog, etc.


  • Lightweight design for comfortable wear all day long
  • True wireless design, makes them easy to use
  • Fast charging capacity


  • Need to be charged periodically

19. Axloie Sport Wireless Earbuds

Axloie Sport Wireless Earbuds

The amazing one-button controls of these stylish looking earbuds are perfect for those who love living their life hands-free and don’t like using too many controls to change their music, adjust volumes and even make or receive calls.

Convenient and handy to use, these earbuds are a perfect match for people with an active lifestyle and those who like carrying their music along wherever they go especially to the gym outdoors, etc.

Axloie has taken special care to ensure that you can use these sleek earbuds even to your gym, by crafting them with silicone hooks which are very stable and comfortable while wearing them for extended periods and even while exercising.
Being IPX7 waterproof ensures that these earbuds will not be affected by your sweat during intense workouts and activities. You can even wear them without worries if it rains suddenly, while out on a jog.

With the latest Bluetooth 5.0 technology, these earbuds offer a wider range and better, faster connectivity with your device. Not only is the connection stable over long distances, but it also offers you amazing voice clarity over calls as these earbuds also have the latest CVC noise-canceling technology which perfectly complements the in-built microphones.

You can also be connected to your Android, iOS devices within seconds, whenever you are in a rush and want to listen to your music on-the-go.


  • A2DP protocol to stream high-quality audio wirelessly
  • In-built Dynamic speakers for super surround sound, rich and heavy bass, pure and undistorted treble
  • 600mAh charging case which can charge your earbuds 6 times effortlessly


  • 5 hours of battery power per charge

20. G-Wack Wireless Earbuds

G-Wack Wireless Earbuds

What makes these earbuds one of the most desirable and impactful earbuds is its superb sound quality, especially while calling since they have the latest acoustic components and the amazing CVC 8.0 noise-canceling features.

These earbuds have also been designed to provide a superior and perfect HD and bass sound effect, which makes them ideal for your workouts and to keep you motivated while performing the toughest exercise routines.

Be truly wireless and use these earbuds anywhere you want as they have the latest state-of-the-art Bluetooth technology which helps you sync faster with your devices and enjoy a stable connection all the time. The Bluetooth range of these earbuds is an incredible 33ft in open spaces so that you can step away from your device whenever you want.

Gym workouts will be more fun as you listen to high energy pulsating music with these earbuds, without any worries since they are both water and sweatproof, making them perfect to use even while you are dripping sweat.

The earbuds have been coated with a special nano-coating to protect them from water and sweat. They also have well-designed ear-hooks that can be adjusted as required to fit your ears securely and be comfortable to use.


  • Carrying case can charge your earbuds
  • Lightweight build and design so that you can wear them comfortably for many hours.
  • Eartips included to block out outer surrounding noise


  • Carrying case could be better designed

Factors To Look For When Buying The Best Wireless Earbuds For Working Out

Not all earbuds are the same, with each model having different special features that make them suitable for different surroundings and purposes. While some may have a better bass performance, others may be suited more for outdoor use with in-built noise-canceling features.

Given their popularity and the wide range of essential features using an earbud is a good option for those who love listening to music or being connected wirelessly to their device, thus keeping their hands free. Earbuds are also great for making and receiving calls conveniently especially when one is traveling or unable to pick up one’s phone.

One of the best places to use earbuds,, is the gym, especially when you are working out since the high energy music helps keep you motivated and push for more, to give you the best results. Apart from using them at the gym, earbuds are also being designed for use while jogging, hiking, and all other physical activities that require your hands to be free and the music to be on-going.

Keeping these considerations in mind, we have shortlisted some factors that should help you decide on the best wireless earbuds for working out while also being reliable and safe to use, anywhere anytime.

1. The Type Of Earbuds

An important factor because earbuds are available in different models, based on the activities that they can be used for and the features in-built in them, for your convenience. Earbuds can be briefly classified as;

1. True Wireless Earbuds

These earbuds are classified as earbuds that do not have any wires or cords connecting them either with each other or the device. They are also known as In-Ear Monitors (IEM). In these earbuds, all the controls, mics, and batteries are built-in inside the earbud itself for your convenience and ease of use.

What makes these earbuds one of the preferred models is their styling and the fact that they have no cables or wires hanging from them which can easily get tangled. The earbuds are designed to instantly connect when removed from their carrying case, which also acts as their charging station.

The earbuds can either be used individually or together as required. Each earbud, when used separately, can be connected to different devices, so you can also share them with your partner or friend if required.

These earbuds can be used to both listen to music and make or receive calls, which makes them very handy for people who like to stay connected on the move. Some of the models available are also water and sweat proof so that you can use them during your workouts and other physical activities, without any worries about them getting damaged.

These earbuds also have a very ergonomic design which makes them convenient to wear for long periods, while ensuring that they remain securely and comfortably fit inside your ear, to avoid them dropping off during your physical movements in the gym, etc.

A suitable care needs to be taken of these earbuds to ensure that you don’t misplace them or lose them accidentally.

2. Wireless Earbuds

While these earbuds are designed to connect wirelessly to your device, what distinguishes them from truly wireless earbuds, is the fact that they are connected by a cord or cable as per their design.

These earbuds are a complete pair and cannot be separated from each other or used individually, as is the case with truly wireless earbuds.

One advantage that these earbuds offer over the truly wireless earbuds, is that they can be conveniently kept hanging over your neck when not in use. They also don’t have a carrying case and need to be charged directly whenever required.

The controls for these earbuds are located in the cable connecting them and can be used to control the volume, change the settings, and make or receive calls as required. In some models, the battery is also located with the cable or neckband itself.

These earbuds are also suitable for use during your workouts and other physical activities as they are designed and built to be water and sweatproof. You can also clean these earbuds easily and ensure they are free from dust and grime by using a cloth.

2. The Waterproofing

One of the most important factors while considering the best wireless earbuds for working out, since you may be prone to excessive sweating while working out, which could lead to the earbuds getting soaked and damaging its circuits.

Do check if the earbuds have been certified to be waterproof and what is the level of certification, so that you can safely use them without any worries. Some of the latest models also have nano-coating on them which protects the earbuds and even their carrying case from moisture and water.

While the earbuds may be waterproof, one should also ensure adequate care of them and keep them clean and dry to ensure they keep performing well for many years.

3. The Sound Quality

One of the biggest motivating factors while working out is being able to listen to high energy music that helps you set the tempo of your workouts to give you the maximum benefits. Most gym-goers use earbuds so that they can listen to music as per their preferences.

While looking for the best wireless earbuds for working out, make sure that you check its sound quality and the reviews by other users on the same. The sound should be crystal clear quality with plenty of basses, that helps you hear the beats perfectly. It should also have noise-canceling features so that the ambient noise does not disturb your music listening experience, while at the gym.

Another important point you should consider is that the earbuds should have the best audio codecs since they affect the transmission of quality audio sound. It should have codecs such as AAC, aptX HD, LDAC, etc, which are good for higher bitrate transfer and support all types of audio files with high compression quality.

Given the primary reason for buying earbuds is being able to listen to high-quality HD music comfortably, you need to ensure that the sound output of your earbuds is top class and in line with your requirements for a pleasurable listening experience.

4. The In-built Mic

While earbuds are primarily designed to enhance your music listening experience, they are also very handy to make and receive both business and personal calls. In scenarios, when you need to communicate with others, having good in-built mics will ensure better sound clarity and enable the listener to hear and understand you clearly, thereby avoiding any miscommunications.

The in-built mics also help you communicate with the voice control functions on your device such as Siri, Alexa, etc. and give them the necessary commands easily whenever you want them to dim the lights, increase the volume or even call a cab.

Some earbud models even sport dual mics in each earbud, thereby giving you a better and sharper sound output. Given its importance, do consider the quality and make of the in-built mic while deciding which earbud is the best for you.

5. The Design

Wearing a well-designed and high-quality wireless earbud is also about style and elegance, as wearing a big bulky earbud may not add to your style quotient. Look out for a model that has been sleekly and stylishly designed and is the current fashion trend in the market.

Apart from looking good, the most important aspect that you should look for in the design is the comfort factor, as they should be comfortable to wear for long hours while outdoors or while performing the most strenuous exercises in the gym, without you worrying about them falling off and losing them.

The earbuds should also fit snuggly in your ear and can also have an ear hook for a better grip and fit around your ears that enables you to listen to music for hours without being uncomfortable.

6. The Battery Life

One of the most important factors that you need to consider while buying earbuds is the storage capacity of its battery and how long it takes to recharge fully. Running out of battery power can be one of the most annoying things while listening to music, especially if you are in between a very intensive workout.

Look for an earbud that offers at least 4-5 hours of power on a single charge and recharges fully within 1-2 hours. The truly wireless models usually come in carrying cases that also double up as charging cases, which can be used to recharge the earbuds whenever required. All you need to do is place them inside the carrying case, and they will start charging.

The charging cases are usually designed to recharge your earbuds at least 3-4 times before you need to recharge the carrying cases again. One should ideally look for an earbud model that does not use too much power in standby mode.

7. The Carrying Case

Carrying cases are usually available only with truly wireless earbuds since these earbuds are very small and need protection from dust and other elements. Small in size, these earbud carrying cases can easily be carried along with you wherever you want and used conveniently to store your earbuds when they are not required.

Some carrying cases also perform the dual function of charging your earbuds, when you place your earbuds inside them. To keep your earbuds safe from water and other elements, make sure that they have been nano-coated and close tightly so that no dust enters inside them.

8. Connectivity

If you need to spend hours connecting your earbuds to your device, then they are no good as they won’t allow you to listen to your favorite songs, when you are in a mood for some great music. The best wireless earbuds for working out are designed to connect to your device within seconds via the latest version of Bluetooth.

Some models even have connectivity features that allow you to use your earbuds easily for a distance up to 30 ft, away from your device. Your earbuds should have a stable uninterrupted connection to your device and no call drops happening due to loss of connectivity.

Usually, earbuds will connect instantly to your device once you switch them on or remove them from the carrying case if they are truly wireless earbuds.

Why Should You Use The Best Wireless Earbuds?

Wireless earbuds are becoming more of a necessity than a luxury accessory when it comes to our daily lives, due to the immense benefits they offer. Not only do they help us stay connected to our favorite playlists but also help us easily and conveniently handle our business and personal calls while being hands-free.

They help us easily workout, go for a drive, and even spend quality time with our family by being discreet and almost invisible to others. They also help us hold our conversations or listen to our music privately and discreetly without disturbing others around us.

Some of their special benefits are;

1. Convenience

The biggest benefit when it comes to using wireless earbuds. Being connected with a cord to your device all the time can be disturbing and not let you work as efficiently as you would like. A cord can be a major hindrance when you are working out, jogging, cleaning your house, or even cooking.

Wireless earbuds give you the freedom to move around easily and comfortably as you go about your daily routine and even listen to your favorite music tracks, without any disturbance or interruptions.

With some earbuds having the ability to stay connected with your device for distances up to 30ft, you can be truly mobile and move around while still being connected to others.

2. Easy Access

With wireless earbuds, you have easy access to your music or even make or receive calls without worrying about connecting cords that have tangled together. Cords stored or carried in your pockets also tend to tangle, which makes them difficult to use later, especially when you require them in an emergency during which you would like to keep your hands free.

3. Connect To Everything

Today, wireless earbuds are not just for listening to music but offer a host of features, such as making and receiving calls, activating your voice assistants, and even ordering a cab with a single, simple command. What makes them priceless, however, is their ability to let you enjoy your favorite tracks, privately and comfortably while working out extensively in the gym.

How To Take Care Of The Best Wireless Earbuds For Working Out?

While some of the earbuds are designed to be water and sweat proof, one should always keep them clean to prevent dust and bacteria from accumulating on them. Cleaning them with a moist cloth after using them in the gym and then storing them in their case after drying them, is one of the ways that you can take good care of your earbuds especially after an intensive workout.

Also ensure that you store the earbuds in a cool, dry place that is not prone to dust accumulation. Make sure that you store both the earbuds together in case of truly wireless earbud models, with the neckband models being safely hanged in an easy to access place.

Make it a point to keep your earbuds and their carrying case fully charged always, so that you can use them whenever you want and take them with you on your trips, without worrying about them having adequate battery power to last during your trip.

Well maintained earbuds will perform exceptionally well for a long time and be a perfect companion to you on your gym visits, trekking trips, and even while on business tours and meetings.

FAQs on Wireless Earbuds for Working out

1. What Is The Main Distinction Between Truly Wireless Earbuds And Wireless Earbuds?

While both these earbuds perform the same function i.e offering you a wireless opportunity to listen to your favorite tracks and making or receiving calls, what primarily distinguishes them is the fact that truly wireless earbuds don’t have any cord or wire connecting both the earbuds and wireless earbuds usually have a neckband or cord connecting both the earbuds together.

2. Are Wireless Earbuds Safe To Use In The Gym?

Yes, as long as you take adequate care of yourself in the gym surroundings and pay attention to the events around you. Sometimes while being immersed in listening to the music or while talking on the call, one may forget to take adequate safety precautions. Therefore, it is advisable to first take all the safety precautions and then switch on the best wireless earbuds for working out as required.

3. How Much Should The Battery Backup Of Wireless Earbuds Be?

While this depends on how long you plan on using the earbuds daily, one should ideally look for earbuds that offer at least 4-5 hours of battery power per day, which should be enough to get you through the day. While considering wireless earbuds, one can consider truly wireless earbuds that have a carrying case, which can also charge their earbuds whenever required.

Some of the carrying cases have enough battery power to recharge your earbuds at least 4-5 times whenever required.

4. Can I Use Only One Earbud If Required?

Yes, in the case of truly wireless earbuds, as they have been designed and crafted for either individual users or as a pair, based on your requirements. You can also pair each earbud to a different device or even share it with your friends, who can then connect it to their own devices.

Be Fit And Healthy With The Best Wireless Earbuds For Working Out

While working out regularly is the key to being healthy and fit, what will make your workout session more interesting and exciting is being able to listen to your favorite music tracks while exercising. Good quality earbuds will ensure that you are perfectly in tune with your workout, without missing a beat and make it both interesting and entertaining for you.

Apart from being the best accompaniment for your workouts, wireless earbuds also help you keep in touch with your business and personal contacts easily. A seamless, uninterrupted connection and hours of music listening pleasure is what makes earbuds truly indispensable nowadays, so make sure you get one that suits your requirements perfectly.

Given the many models available online and in stores, one may get confused easily on the model which would suit them best. In such scenarios, taking the advice and guidance of friends and partners who may already be using earbuds is a good idea. One can also consider seeking the advice of other gym-goers and ask them for recommendations based on their experience.

The factors you should consider while buying an earbud and how they can be beneficial to you have been covered by us in this article along with a list of the best brands available online nowadays for your easy reference and guidance. Make sure you go through them before deciding on the earbuds that will meet your requirements perfectly.

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