Best True Wireless Earbuds Under $50 2020: Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

1. PlayBeatz 2. TOZO 3.  Soundcore
PlayBeatz Wireless Earbuds TOZO T10 Wireless Earbuds Soundcore Wireless Earbuds

Most people enjoy the freedom and privacy offered by truly wireless earbuds. Best True wireless earbuds under $50 are getting popular as they offer more convenience and connect without wires. Wireless headphones are connected in conjunction, but they no longer need access to the phone jack, while the most significant feature of the true wireless earbuds is that they completely lack a connector between them or to an audio source while enhancing the surrounding noise and helping you stay untangled.

With true wireless earbuds there is no need to untangle the headphone cord or to the plugin. Once the true wireless earbuds are set up and paired to your device, they will automatically sync, when the next time they are switched on for use. Truly wireless earbuds use Bluetooth technology to work. They have no wires, the mic, controls, battery are all inbuilt inside the earbuds.

Today most devices are Bluetooth friendly hence they can connect to a wide range of audio sources. Bluetooth is connected through direct pairing; hence they are believed to be much safer. People who are on a tight budget or looking for a backup pair can choose the best truly wireless earbuds under $50. We have prepared a list of Top best Truly Wireless earbuds available under $50 to help you find one.

Top 10 Best True Wireless Earbuds Under $50 In 2020

1. PlayBeatz Wireless Earbuds

PlayBeatz Wireless Earbuds

PlayBeatz is an awesome earbud available under $50 you will love listening to your favorite music with these earbuds. They have a range of up to 33 feet that can easily adapt to any environment. These earbuds are put through the test to produce crystal clear sound. They have a pleasing finish and made with durable materials to last longer. This earbud can synchronize effectively and work with multiple devices like Android, IOS, or more.

These Bluetooth enabled earbuds can give out brilliant bright powerful audio that can improve your day to day routine life. These earbuds are fast and easy to set up. You can stay connected for longer with the PlayBeatz as it supports flash storage, enabling quick access to music/talk time for 4 hours. Never skip a beat with PlayBeatz earbuds. They have more than 18 hours of backup charging with the sleek case.

The best feature of these earbuds is that given the price range, they have included true stereo and intuitive noise reduction. They take only 10 seconds to get connected and they use the latest Bluetooth mode and are up to date with the latest specs. That has earned a topmost position in our best true wireless earbuds under $50 list.


  • Bluetooth range up to 33 feet
  • No-Hassle Returns
  • Fast & Easy Setup
  • Guaranteed High Quality


  • Available only in white color

2. TOZO T10 Wireless Earbuds

TOZO T10 Wireless Earbuds

TOZO T10 wireless earbuds are popular earbuds available at a most amazing affordable range. If you do a quick search on Amazon for best true wireless earbuds under 50, Tozo will top the list with the Amazon Choice tag.

These noise-reducing ear cups are ergonomically designed with flexible gel silicon to ensure comfortable wear and snug fit. These earbuds are super lightweight and convenient and offer hassle-free listening. The sound quality of this earbud is impeccable and has the powerful bass performance.

The TOZO T10 wireless earbuds are designed with 8.0 mm large size audio drivers that provides for a better sound quality.. Both the charging case and earbuds are IPX8 waterproof protection. IPX8 Waterproof Nano-coating protects the earbuds and charging case securely from sweat, rain, or water.

It is perfect for hiking, skiing, etc. also sweating it out on sports or other outdoor activities, while enjoying the music. Talking of music, if you are a lover of heavy bass music, like workout playlist, then this earbud set is ideal for you.

The TOZO T10 connects wirelessly using advanced Bluetooth 5 technology. Hence, the T10 will support HFP, A2DP, AVRCP, and HDP. Within your calls, you can get stereo sound, which means pairing is a one-step process. Each earbud can last for approximately 4 hours playtime for a single charge. Inside the compact charging case, it can extend the duration to 14 extra hours.


  • Advanced Bluetooth 5.0 technology
  • 8mm large size speaker driver
  • IPX8 waterproof
  • Compatible with wireless charging


  • Standby time is very less
  • Battery drains faster if heard at loud volume levels

3. Soundcore Wireless Earbuds

Soundcore Wireless Earbuds

This reasonably priced earbud set is great for people who live an active lifestyle throughout the day. This earbud only weighs 0. 2 Oz to make sure you have a tireless ride, no matter how long you’re listening. Grip Fit technology enables wireless earbuds to rest comfortably and securely in your ears — just slip in and twist to lock. While working out, cycling or running they stay firmly in their place.

These earbuds are jam-packed with various advanced technologies. They come with IPX 7 rating. It is fitted out with SweatGuard technology which protects the earbuds from rain and sweat by creating a watertight barrier. Liberty Neo earbuds come with expertly tuned graphene drivers which are hard and durable without being too heavy.

The sound produced through graphene drivers boasts dramatically improved clarity — allowing you to hear every delicate detail and nuance even at higher frequencies. Exclusive Bass Up technology analyzes the low frequencies of the audio in real-time and raises the bass instantly by up to 43%. These amazing earbuds offer the next level of sound experience.

Liberty Neo uses satellite technology; as an LDS antenna; and Bluetooth 5.0 to create a strong connection to create an almost unbreakable link between your wireless earbuds to your device, even in busy locations.


  • Graphene drivers boast dramatically enhanced clarity
  • Bass up technology
  • Ergonomic design that fits ears of all shapes and sizes
  • Comes with an IPX7 rating making the earbuds water and dust resistant
  • Resist sweat and rain, and can even be rinsed clean under the tap.


  • Issue with connectivity especially when walking or jogging
  • Earbuds tends to stick out

4. SoundPEATS True Wireless Earbuds 5.0

SoundPEATS True Wireless Earbuds 5.0

SoundPEATS True Wireless Earbuds offers great performance at a very reasonable price. These earbuds come with a unique striped cover and compact lightweight construction which makes them exquisite earbuds.

These earbuds are very user friendly they have a single button on each earbud. The multifunction on-ear button on each side can be used for supports play/pause, switching tracks and handling calls easily.

The earbuds work 3.5-4 hours per charge. The charging case gives full charge 9-10 times which provides you with a total of 35 hours of playback before the case requires charging.. These earbuds allow you to take phone calls binaurally in stereo making the audio clear. In both earbuds, built-in microphones allow you to enjoy hands-free calls and voice assistant with single or both earbuds as you prefer.

They come with Bluetooth 5.0 for supposedly better range and quality of sound and support stereo calling. The professional Bluetooth 5.0 chipset with built-in high-resolution decoder and advanced audio coding technology provides highly effective and secure communication and ensures that you enjoy music without latency. The bass is good and the earbuds have not made too bad compromises on the sound quality given the price.


  • Professional Bluetooth 5.0
  • User-friendly on-ear button
  • Built-in microphones
  • Fits great, perfect for active lifestyle


  • The sound is cloudy when listening to the radio and live streams
  • Battery life is not too great when compared to other models

5. OFUSHO Bluetooth Earbuds

OFUSHO Bluetooth Earbuds

OFUSHO True Wireless Earbuds is an ideal workout companion. These earbuds are designed to offer superior sound quality, secure fit, and extra-long playtime. OFUSHO uses a series of high-quality Qualcomm QCC3020 chips, one of the most advanced and popular earphone chips in earbuds that you can find. The case comes with three ear tips of varying sizes to ensure a perfect fit no matter the ear shape.

The chips offer the most stable signal connection, better sound quality, and lower power consumption. The chips allow the buds to project 3-D stereo sound relatively consistently, partly due to the aptX/CVC audio technology built into the designs of the earbuds. This combination also provides effective noise cancellation and a good deep bass. They are IPX7 certified waterproof and can easily resist sweat and rain.

The advance Qualcomm chip has lower power consumption, you can get double playtime of normal earbuds – up to 8 hours continuous playtime. The charging case’s ultra-high capacity will provide an extra 19 times the earbuds recharge. The case itself requires USB 2.0 charger and the overall set will provide you 152 hours of battery life.

You can also use the charging case as an alternative power bank for your smartphones or other devices. These earbuds have Bluetooth 5.0 and are a super-strong wireless connection, up to 2 times the traditional transmission speed.


  • Over 152-hour Battery Life
  • Superior Sound Quality
  • IPX-7 Waterproof and dust resistant
  • Low Latency thus you enjoy video better


  • It needs constant pairing

6. Haylou GT1 Bluetooth 5.0 Earbuds

Haylou GT1 Bluetooth 5.0 Earbuds

Haylou GT1 truly wireless earbuds offer amazing wireless connectivity at a very reasonable price. This is the most portable set of truly wireless earbuds. They are very lightweight and small, smaller than a lipstick or a lighter. It uses Bluetooth 5.0 which has a very stable connection. The earbuds also comes with smart voice assistance with the aid of Google Assistant, Siri, or Xiao Ai.

A high-precision touch sensor in both the earbuds lets you easily and comfortably use it in multiple functions. GT1 provides 4 hours of listening time and 3 hours of talk time. 5 Hours of single charge speaking time. The mini charging box can deliver an extra 8 hours of battery life to earbuds.

These earbuds sound good, given the price they are coming in. It has 7.55 mm drivers that deliver the sound of the highest quality. It has an excellent bass that is great with decent heights and Mids. The sound quality is perfect for the average music listener. The low tones compliments the beats and the EQ tweaking is not required when playing lesser bass songs.

Haylou GT1 has a very powerful touch control system. This touch system can play/pause music, double touch can answer / end calls, triple touch can activate the voice assistant, 1-second touch can ignore incoming calls, double right touch can skip to the next track and double left can skip to the previous track. The touch is smart enough to change modes quickly and easily.


  • Bluetooth 5. 0, superior sound quality
  • Total 12 hours playtime
  • 26gm ultra-lightweight
  • Comes with a waterproof rating of IPX5
  • Zero pressure multi-function touch control


  • Pairing problems
  • Batter life is not too great.

7. BEBEN 6H Wireless Earbuds

BEBEN 6H Wireless Earbuds

BEBEN truly wireless earbuds are loved for many reasons one of the main reasons is that for this great price all the features of this earbud are significantly better than the regular earbuds. These earbuds use a much easier analog button. The button is elongated and located in the middle of each earpiece, making it easy to find. And the button is capable of pressing or holding separate commands to input.

These earbuds have a waterproof IP68 rating you can avoid sweat and rainwater efficiently. It also ensures that these earbuds will withstand torrential downpour without worries. The case is also designed to float when it comes to waterproofing.

These earbuds are extremely light; each bud weight approximately is as light as one A4 paper. It includes a standard set of 3 ear tips with sizes ranging from small, medium, and large. Moreover, they also provide a set of replacement tips.

These earbuds use advanced Bluetooth 5.0 technology, which provides you with a 33 feet super stable connection and a one-step connection. The sound quality is good and voice distortion at higher volume is negligible. The bass is good too and this earbud set is ideal for upbeat playlist. Single charging will keep the earbuds running for 5 hours. 600mAh Charging Case offers 4 times earbud charging, a total of 25 hours working time. In particular, the charging case supports easy wireless charging for convenience.


  • Advanced Bluetooth 5.0 technology
  • IP68 Waterproof rating
  • A 33 feet super stable connection
  • Earbuds use a much easier analog button


  • Fit is not too snug.
  • No noise cancellation at all.

8. ENACFIRE F1 Wireless Earbuds

ENACFIRE F1 Wireless Earbuds

ENACFIRE F1 Wireless Earbuds are the most amazing earbuds due to their immensely useful features and very affordable price. These earbuds are currently the most long-lasting earbuds you can buy. They can be used for 8 hours straight with a single charge. The charging case is a 2600 MAH battery that can charge the earbuds up to 25 times when you place them in the charging case.

Using the cutting-edge Qualcomm chip, Wireless ENACFIRE F1 earbuds are also equipped with apt-X audio technology to enhance and replicate the ideal 3D stereo sound quality that promises no distortion lossless audio. It also boasts strong, deep-bass audio and transmits quality CD audio through Bluetooth. CVC 8.0 noise cancellation technology delivers optimum voice quality by reducing background ambient noises.

These earbuds do not have physical control buttons they have easy touch control that is configured with high-sensitivity sensors, with just a gentle touch, you can adjust the tune, pause, answer a call or trigger the voice assistant. These earbuds also have water and sweat proof nano-coating of IPX8 that provides excellent waterproof rating and are durable enough to withstand anything..


  • Up to 8 hours playtime on a single charge
  • IPX8 waterproof and durable
  • CVC 8.0 noise cancellation technology
  • Ergonomic design


  • sound quality tends to decrease at higher volumes.

9. iTeknic 5.0 Wireless Earbuds

iTeknic 5.0 Wireless Earbuds

iTeknic truly wireless Bluetooth 5.0 Wireless Earbuds are well-constructed earbuds available at a great price. They offer excellent value for money. These earbuds have a teardrop shape design. They have a touch button on each bud to control music, volume, and phone calls.

They come in a set of 3 silicone ear tips small, medium, and large and one set of memory foam ear tips. They are designed to adapt well to the shape of your ears. For a superior listening experience, the headphones fit tightly into your ears to reduce ambient noise around you. Not only are they perfect for listening, but they are also good for being heard to thanks to the microphone per headphone to hear you noticeably.

They have the Airoha’s latest low-power chip AB1532 that offers Bluetooth 5.0 dual-mode, including low energy profiles, has AAC/SBC support, and truly wireless MCSync technology. Any earbud can be used individually without missing a beat and switched with the other. The single charge battery can last up to 5 hours.

The wireless earbuds pair with Android and iOS compatible devices via reliable Bluetooth 5.0 link with low power consumption and low latency, providing a quicker and more secure wireless connection to your devices. Inside the truly wireless headphones, a tiny but powerful 6 mm PEEK + PU composite dynamic drivers are inserted which delivers rich and immersive sound.

That said, given the small size of the buds, the bass is not too high but is clear enough for you to enjoy a good workout session. The vocals on the other hand are great and does not get overpowered by the treble or bass.


  • IPX8 waterproof
  • Comes with wireless charging option
  • Bluetooth 5.0 technology
  • Has a good battery life
  • A slim design that makes them easy to carry
  • Has negligible latency


  • The sound quality of music is very poor
  • Bass performance is limited

10. JLab Audio Earbuds

JLab Audio Earbuds

JLab wire-free exercise-friendly earbuds are the latest earbuds available at a very decent price. These earbuds have an amazingly secure fit and finish. This is the smallest, fin-free, lightweight and comfortable earbuds JLab has ever made. The open-top charging case is sturdy, portable and a strong magnet secures the buds when you are on the go.

JLab GO Air features touch controls and dual connect, allowing the earbuds to be used independently. Call quality is clear thanks to the in-built MEMS microphone tha tis present in each of the earbud. The touch feature is reliable and accurate. They are built into the logo on the exterior of each bud. The 8mm neodymium driver delivers a crystal-clear sound. It offers amazing sound quality for calls, songs, and more. The custom EQ takes care of most of the bass making the earbuds perfect workout companion.

These earbuds have an IP44 rating which is suitable for only minor splashes and some contact to dust or dirt particles. The battery life is 5 hours straight for a single charge and with the case, it is capable of carrying around an additional 15 hours.


  • 20+ hours of playtime
  • Crystal clear sound
  • A secure in-ear seal
  • Comes with custom EQ to enhance audio without an app
  • Strong magnet secures the buds within the case


  • Hard to pair
  • Not ideal for relaxing songs

Factors To Consider While Buying Best Truly Wireless Earbuds Under $50

Truly wireless earbuds are in trend right now. However, all earbuds differ from one another in terms of in-built construction, features, and quality. Choose earbuds with advanced essential features and quality materials and the kind of soundstage you need.

Truly wireless earbuds might fit well and sound fantastic, but you’re not going to wear them if they hurt your ears. It’s important to buy best truly wireless earbuds under $50 that are comfortable for everyday wear.

1. Features

A decent pair of Bluetooth earbuds will at least be able to take calls or chat with a smartphone, tablet, or computer as well as control any media you’re listening to. These functions will work well and be easy to use if a pair provides additional functionality beyond the basics. Also look for least latency for this will not make your video watching experience out of sync, literally.

2. Ear Tips

Ear tips are important in earbuds. Small or shallow silicone ear tips do not form a secure seal around your ear canal also you will not get a good sound. Ensure the ear tips supplied with your earbuds come in a variety of sizes, and that they fit your ears properly and make an effective seal. Fit and comfort are important and having an earbud should fit securely in the bowl of the ear.

3. Controls

Most earbuds come with touch control pads or buttons to increase the sound, skip a track, issue voice commands or call. Many wireless earbuds have no controls whatsoever, meaning you need to have your smartphone close at hand to change volume or miss a track. Some of the best earbuds may even automatically pause the music the moment you pull an earbud from your ear. Look closely at the available controls.

4. Charging Case

A very important part of a pair of wireless earbuds is the charging case which stores and recharges wireless earbuds. When you are going to take the earbuds out with you, the case needs to be sturdy.

Check the charging case’s hinge and assess how sturdy it feels since it will withstand quite a bashing and will need to be tough. Opt for the set that offers more in terms of battery life, both for the earbuds and the case. This way you can enjoy your music throughout the day.

5. Bluetooth Connectivity

A wider Bluetooth range is essential to consider when buying the best truly wireless earbuds under $50. There are earbuds with a lot of short ranges but make sure that you are selecting earbuds that can cover a great distance. That said, the latest aptX technology trumps the AAC in terms of better quality even with the heavy compression that tiny drivers provide.

6. Sound Quality

The sound quality of the different earbud models can vary greatly. Here, you need to know the kind of use the earbuds will see. If you want to only use the buds for workout then opt for bass heavy sound but if you prefer vocals then the bass and treble shound not overpower the sound.

If you want something for everyday use then choose a pair that has a good mids to high frequency and comes with clarity no matter how loud the volume is. In short, it is necessary to consider both the sound and frequency.

7. Fit

Well-fitted earphones have a strong seal that, in effect, cancels passive noise. If you’re at a busy airport, tuning your surroundings is a plus — but it’s less than ideal if you’re running out, for safety reasons. The fit will also ensure better noise cancellation when you are taking a call in a congested place.


1. Can Truly Wireless Earbuds Connect To A PC Or TV?

Yes, truly wireless earbuds can connect to any device with a Bluetooth feature. The pairing works similar to that of a smartphone. If the PC or TV does not have this feature then you can use a USB Bluetooth adapter to connect with the device.

2. Do All Wireless Earbuds Have A Charging Case?

Yes, most earbuds come with charging cases, in case they do not have charge case. It’s better to avoid that product. Also, many budget earbuds offer wireless charging option if you have a Qi enabled charging pad then opt for those.

3. Are Wireless Earbuds Good For Working Out?

Yes, they are excellent for working out as long as they have an IP rating and waterproofing rating and fit snugly in your ears.

4. Can Earbuds Damage Your Hearing?

Earbuds can damage your hearing. That may sound odd because earbuds are so tiny. But there is something in the volume to hurt. Turning the volume up and listening for long periods can put you at serious risk of permanent loss of hearing.

5. Can The Wireless Earbuds Last ALL Day Long?

The smaller size makes fitting a big battery challenging. The longest average life of the battery available so far is eight hours. The most commonly available “true wireless” models will last between 3-4 hours. But if you lower the vlume level, then the charge does last for almost 5 hours.

All “truly wireless” headphones come with a charging case capable of charging both earpieces at once. Most cases typically hold from 2-15 or more extra charges, and you can charge on-the-go your headphones or even charge your cell phone when it’s running low.

6. Why Best Truly Wireless Earbuds Under $50 So Popular?

Many truly wireless earbuds are ideal for exercise, and to some degree water- and sweat-resistant. This means you can unrestrictedly put down your device, listen to music, and enjoy having the freedom to play and walk or work. Some models with bone conductivity can even be used while in a swimming pool.

7. Who Should Buy Truly Wireless Earbuds?

Fitness enthusiasts and sport athletes move lot hence wireless earbuds are great for them. While hitting the track or the treadmill, they will certainly enjoy the freedom to move without being strangled by cables. Some wireless headphones also have systems for fitness tracking to help monitor your heart rate.

People who are constantly on the road will begin to find true wireless headphones as a must-have for travel. Up until you experience cable-free music streaming while on a cross-country flight or lugging your stuff around, you won’t know how much convenience they bring.

8. Who Should Not Buy Truly Wireless Earbuds?

When you are someone who tends to lose your pen or keys, think twice before you get a pair. Considering the tiny nature of true wireless headphones, if you don’t place them back in the charging case immediately, you will have a high risk of misplacing them.

Truly Wireless Earbuds Are Essential For Everyone With Active Modern Lives

Truly wireless earbuds have many notable features, that make them slip right into our busy modern life, and the development of cheaper chips has made the best time to choose wireless connectivity. We have offered the list of best truly wireless earbuds under $50 along with its factors to consider while buying to help you make an informed decision.