How to Charge Wireless Earbuds

Updated On February 7, 2021
By Harry Singleton

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Are you sick of not knowing if your wireless earbuds are fully charged? Do you get bored with complicated charging methods and simply want to know the best way to ensure your earbuds have the best battery life?

If this sounds like you, then we may have the perfect guide. With all the latest innovations in technology such as wireless charging methods and portable charging cases, it can get complicated to find the right method to charge your earbuds. This is especially true if you aren’t familiar with wireless tech such as Bluetooth Buds.

Below you will find an easy step-by-step guide in how best to charge the earbuds you have just purchased. We have also answered a few of the most common questions associated with charging your Bluetooth earbuds, showing you how to troubleshoot any issues you may have.

An Easy Step-by-Step Guide to Charging your Earbuds

When it comes down to charging your wireless earbuds, there are various different methods you may come across. Whether that’s through the use of a provided charging case or using a more common Micro USB method. With so many methods available today it can get frustrating to figure out how exactly you should be charging your brand new earphones. Which is why we have listed the various methods you may come across and how exactly you should be charging your devices.

Micro USB Cable

This is perhaps the most common method you will come across in terms of charging a whole variety of devices. Most electronic gadgets with a power supply will require some form of charging and few are as popular as through the use of a Micro USB cable.

A simple and straightforward technique, to ensure your battery is fully charged you just need to plug a Micro USB cable into your device and either into a computer or a USB adapter. These are usually provided alongside a purchase and will fit into most power outlets found throughout homes and even some cafes and restaurants. Once the device is plugged in you just need to sit and wait until your earbuds or carrying case if fully charged.

Most Bluetooth devices will either feature a screen or a LED light system to indicate the charge remaining and whether you can start to use your product. Try not to use your earbuds unless they have recently been fully charged as this can lower their maximum battery life. You will also get the most use out of them if you leave them alone to charge their power source up fully.

Through the Supplied Charging Case

More recent earbud products will come with a carrying case that can offer a power bank style charging method on the go. Before you set off you will need to charge the case up (typically using the above Micro USB method) and leave it till the lights indicate it is fully charged. You can then place your earbuds inside the case where they will constantly be charged – offering an extremely portable technique in which you can ensure power levels are as high as they can get.

This is an exceptionally useful process as it can offer far longer battery life than just charging the wireless earbuds themselves. As the case provides its own charge, you can expect the typical battery life of your buds to at least be doubled.

If you are unsure exactly how to use a specific charging case be sure to check the user guides or visit the manufacturer’s website as they will commonly have a walkthrough for their specific product. A portable power supply can work wonders in wireless devices, so if possible try to find a pair of earbuds that comes with one. Another alternative is to purchase a power bank that allows USB connection, just in case your Bluetooth earbuds need a bit of extra juice on the go. It is still a good idea, before setting off, to fully charge your earbuds in case you misplace the case.

Wireless Charging

Perhaps the most modern way of charging your Bluetooth buds featured today is through the use of wireless chargers. Various models and Bluetooth products now feature a wireless charging option allowing you to charge up both your earbuds and their charging case. Apple are especially keen in using wireless charging technology when it comes to their popular Apple Airpods and similar products as this can offer a way of charging without a cable getting in the way.

The most common way that products achieve wireless charging is by using a Qi-Certified Charging mat. This is done by placing your charging case on the mat, with the status indicator facing up and the lid closed. The charging case will then receive a constant supply of power without the need for a cable. A status light will then provide a visual notification once the battery has reached maximum charge and you will be ready to go.

Due to the lack of a portable connection, a wireless charger is especially suited for those of you who accidentally lose things fairly easy. As you no longer need to keep track of a specific cable, you can tend to leave the mat in one place. This way of charging is not only common in Bluetooth earbuds but is also frequently used when it comes to charging a phone or similar electronics.

Troubleshooting: Why Won’t My Earphones Charge?

As there are so many products available in the world of earbuds it can be difficult to know exactly what is wrong with your specific device. The first thing that you can always try is to turn your earbuds on then back off again, although this may sound simple it is a common fix to a lot of issues. You should also make sure that your headphones have a maximum charge before trying to wear them.

#If however you are still unsure and require immediate help then consider contacting the manufacturers support team. This can typically be done either through social networks or by going directly to the manufacturer’s site, for example, Apple Support or the Samsung helpline. If after this your device still isn’t reaching max charge, it may be time to use that repair warranty to get a replacement.

Whichever way you choose to charge the earbuds be sure to check what is featured in your device as it isn’t uncommon for different models to feature different methods. If you are ever confused or at a loss flick through the user manual or check out some online communities or a help service such as Apple support to see if they can help answer your question. Some customers may also offer support to help answer any questions you may have so don’t be shy.

Always ensure that any electronics purchased online feature a repair warranty as this can prevent problems presenting themselves further down the line. This can be important it is sadly sometimes possible that your earbuds will simply be dead on arrival, sometimes known as DOA. If they are dead on arrival (DOA) then you will need to replace them instantly as no matter how long you charge them for they just won’t power on. Issues like this are covered by repair warranty; most brands will feature a warranty of some sort.


How do Wireless Headphones Work?

Most wireless earbuds typically utilize Bluetooth technology to connect with each other. This is achieved through the use of radio waves that can be picked up by connected devices, negating the requirement of a cable or physical connection. These radio waves are not as powerful as those featured in things such as satellites or radio towers, so you will still need to keep the connected devices within close proximity.

How do I know when my earbuds are fully charged?

Typically your Bluetooth earbuds or charging case will feature some form of light system, usually near the power button, to display their charge levels. When your Bluetooth device reaches maximum charge the light will usually go green, although this can change based on brands and models. Some Bluetooth earbuds also offer a voice notification that will inform you of the current charge with the press of a button.

Check a products operating instructions to see how exactly your device displays its charge levels.

How do I check the battery life on my wireless earbuds?

Much like the previous question a lot of Bluetooth gadgets will utilize lights to indicate the current battery level. The location or place in which you will find these lights may not always be the same; this can differ from product to product. If your Bluetooth device comes with operating instructions or a similar user guides then it’s a good idea to familiarise yourself with the method in which it will display battery life.

If you are wondering what the average battery level is, however, then check out customers reviews or the products specifications to check what performance you are expected to get. You can probably get a more accurate measurement by reading the user reviews on Amazon or by checking through earbud communities on social networks.