How to Tie Earbuds

Updated On February 7, 2021
By Harry Singleton

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So you’re tired of having to constantly untangle your headphones and you’re looking for some advice on the best way to resolve this issue?

Believe it or not you’re not alone, this is without a doubt unofficially… one the top 5 most irritating things in the world. First world problems right?

If this isn’t you, and in fact you’re here because wired headphones are actually coming back into fashion… then prepare your eyes as you’re about to learn all the industry secrets on how to wrap headphones so you never get in a tangled mess ever again. Ever.

Before you lies officially: the five easiest methods to wrapping earbuds on the internet. However be warned, these are just suggestions, feel free to wrap/untangle them in whatever way you feel appropriate. (But i’d suggest you pay close attention to this article if you actually want to learn something)

5 Easy Ways to Tie Your Earphones to Prevent Tangling

Right, here we go, I hope you are ready to learn. Kicking things off we have the crazy 8 knot method:

1. Crazy 8 Knot

A method so crazy and easy even the novice headphone wrapper will be able to manage. How do you do such a crazy technique I head you ask? Here goes nothing:

1 – Check your headphones for knots or tanglesI know this seems stupid but you can never be too sure. First things first it’s important to make sure that your headphones are free from any knots or tangles to begin with! Otherwise you may as well not even bother!

2-Clench your fist. Pretty Crazy right? Before we kick off and suggest loops and twists we simply start by asking you to clench your fist as it will be utilised as a foundation to wrap around! Start by holding the headphones on the plam of your hand and make fist. Then place the earbuds of the headphone on the lower bottom of your palm.

3- Wrap the headphones around your index finger and your pinkie. Wrap until you have a short length of wire left to make the knot. This is important as the excess wire will be utilised to secure the knot!

4- Make the knot. Carefully take it off from your hand and wrap the rest around the middle of the headphones and make a simple knot.

5- Fin: You can now store it in your pocket or wherever you want to.

This is tried and tested and without a doubt one of the easier techniques to use! Once mastered you’ll do it without even thinking and it will become routine! Next up Is the double wrap!

2. Double Wrap Bow

The double wrap technique! No we are not talking about your burrito order at Chipotle… This method is very easy and quick for those of you who are in a rush! Here’s how to do it:

1- Check for tangles. Untangle them before you start folding. Yes this is going to be a theme for this article…

2- Stretch out your headphonesso they are nice and taught. Begin by finding the mid point and fold in half. Repeat this process until the length of the cord is folded enough to be around 15cm in size. (The size of a small ruller!)

3- Make the knot. Carefully loop an end of the headphone into the other end. Very much like tieing a shoelace and wrap around the middle!

4- Finished! Ready to store away and ready to be tangle free for your next use!

This is a technique has made my life a lot easier and is the method I use personally when in a rush, it’s quick, easy and works every time.

3. Making a DIY Headphone Holder

Right, so now we’re about to dive deep into a more creative technique which although requires additional effort at first… it does work the best out of all the methods and will save you time and money in the long run!

1- Go and buy some velcro and glue from your local velcro and glue supplier... Gather up your supplies. To do a DIY holder, you’ll need a small strip of Velcro and some glue as these will be the foundation of the holder.

2- Stick the soft edge of the Velcro to the tail of your headphone. So basically the back and bottom of your iPhone. Aim for the area above the plug that is inserted into the phone. Hot glue works well for this. although other adhesives are available…

3- Once the glue has set which typically takes around 5 minutes or so. It is important to be patient with this part as the glue has to be dry so Velcro sticks to the headphone well! If you rush this step you could end up having to redo it and you’ll end up making a mess on the back of your phone!

4- Wrap your headphones. Fold your headphones as per your wish however don’t screw them up! Maybe do the double wrap bow technique and then wrap them using the Velcro strap!

5- Finished! Ready to store.

4. Rock and Roll Technique

Now this technique is going to test your hand eye coordination as there are a lot moving parts and a lot of stuff going on in general. However, it is all worth it as this is probably the most secure technique which doesn’t require glue!

1- Put your hand in the rock and roll gesture… You know the one all the rockers put their hands in during concerts? Here let me show you: 🤟

2- Next you hold the earbuds with your thumb and index finger, all while keeping your middle fingers folding down.

3- Use your Pinkie as a frame and wrap the wire around your index finger and pinkie until you have used almost all the cable!

4- Clutch the middle of the folded wireand wrap the excess wire left over around the middle making it a secure headphone wrap. It’s key to make sure the middle is secure by tightly pulling the wire while folding.

5- Finished. Just make sure your wrap the AUX cord back into the wrap so it doesn’t unwrap… if done correctly, it should never get tangled.

5. Open Palm Formation

Fith and finally the last technique is known as the Open Palm Formation fold. I made that up myself but it is pretty self explanatory from the name alone. Here’s how its done!

1- Put your hand in an open palm position. Like you’re about to give someone a high five… ✋

2- Clench the earbuds in your thumb and the pad of your index finger. Not the tip but the side of it, so the wire falls down over your open palm!

3- Start wrapping the wire around your open palm over top of your hand and under your pinkie. Like you would wrap anything around your hand.

4- Keep at least 3 inches worth of wire as this will be used to fold and secure the ear buds.

5- Once you’ve finished wrapping the wire around your hand. Pinch the wire in the middle with your finger and thumb. Then secure the pinched part by wrapping the additional 3 inches wire around it and folding the AUX underneath!

6- Finished! That is all there is too it. Pretty easy, and quick once you get the hand of it!

These five techniques are all stable ways to never get your life or headphone cord…in a tangle ever again! There are multiple options to choose from and often it might be handy to learn two as it’s the sort of thing you can never know enough about! Once these techniques are mastered you’ll never have to worry about chucking your wires into your bag ever again and you’ll be back listening to your music hassle free.


How do you properly tie earbuds?

As shown above there are many methods you can utilise to wrap earbuds, there is no ‘correct’ method. It is all subjective to the individual!Remember, fingers are your friends when it comes to headphone wraps. The index finger in particular is a key tool to utilise when wrapping headphones correctly. It’s important to mention that some methods may suit your better than others. Therefore, have a go at attempting multiple techniques above to find the one which works best for you!

What’s the best way of tying Apple earbuds?

Okay so this is going to sound really nerdy but these tying techniques work with any cable: USB cables, Lightning cables and headphones. Those are just a few examples of wires which could also support the techniques mentioned above! Therefore, despite it being practically impossible to say one method is superior to all, the methods above are the most universal and versatile methods available! So to answer the question: any one of the five suggested above!

How do you wrap your earbuds so they don’t tangle?

Most people take the screw it all up and shove them in your pocket approach to headphone care. However, believe us when we say: they will get tangled. This isn’t healthy for the cables within the wires and in the long run will simply damage them and ultimately your headphone! The techniques above will all result in your never having to untangle your wires ever again! if executed properly that is…