How to Pair Bose Headphones

Updated On February 9, 2021
By Harry Singleton

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This article will be explaining how to correctly pair your BOSE Headphones with your iPhone and Android devices. If you are struggling to connect your new headset to your iPhone there may be a list of things you are missing. This guide will hopefully fix that for you.

Bose headphones are Bluetooth devices this is due to the 3.5mm audio jack becoming obsolete thanks to Apple redesigning their iPhones to no longer integrate them! Bose headphones are some of the most popular headsets in the world and are regarded as a premium brand within the market. This is due to their very high-quality audio output capabilities and further their world renowned noise cancellation abilities. All older Bose headphones which are wired can connect to older generation iPhones which are equipped with a traditional audio jack, however as mentioned the more recent generations of iPhone no longer have this capability. You now need to know how to connect your new Bose headset to your new iPhone via Bluetooth. Wireless headsets from Bose allow for more comfort and freedom of movement thanks to their wireless design. However, you’ll need to know the step which go into how to connect them first.

Bose headphones connect to iPhones via Bluetooth which is an option you can find in the iOS settings on the iPhone app or if you have Bose’s very own ‘Bose Connect” app you can adjust the Bluetooth settings of the phone via that. Each method works well for initially switching the phones Bluetooth on, however the app tends to have more traffic due to the additional features available to customers once the headphones are connected and the pairing is complete.

It is important to add that while some Bose headphones are capable of connecting to a phone while the have little to no power, most Bluetooth headphones require at least some battery to operate. Therefore a helpful tip is to make sure that they are charged.

The 5 Steps of Connecting your Bose Headphones

1. Ensure your device is ‘Paired’

Before you can use the Bluetooth for bose headphones, you need to ensure the device list is ‘paired’ with the headphones do this with a pair of Bose headphone you have two choices:

  • Download Bose Connect
  • Use iOS Settings

Once you have decided on which technique to use you need to slide and hold the power button located on the right earcup, until you hear “Ready to pair”. The Bluetooth indicator will also blink blue. The headphones are now discoverable. Check down the pairing list for the Bose headphone Bluetooth and connect to the bluetooth device list. The power button or power switch on most devices often needs to be held to make the device discoverable.

2. Open up Bluetooth on the iOS Device

The Bluetooth feature is almost always located in the settings section of the iPhone device. There are other places to find it, however to begin with, start by opening up settings on the iPhone, scroll down to Bluetooth on the menu. Make sure it is switched on.

3. Make sure your device is discoverable

Often on the iPhone you will need to make it discoverable to external Bluetooth devices such as Bose Headphones. To do this you will need to click: ‘Pair new’ device located at the bottom of the Bluetooth settings page. Bose Headphones Bluetooth is among the best and should be easy to locate

4. Disconnect from other devices

If your device is still struggling to connect to the iPhone, make sure that the headphones have not automatically connected to the last device which is was connected to. This is the frequent tendency of Bluetooth devices. To disconnect a blue tooth device simply turn the operating system off and on again or locate the device and manually disconnect the Bluetooth setting.

5. Connecting to a computer

If connecting to a Windows computer or another other operating system, you may see two different icons in the device pairing list (a device icon and a headphone icon). Make sure you select the headphone icon and not the device icon. This is a common pitfall which many people struggle with and fall into when using Bluetooth bose headphones.

Pairing Information and Troubleshooting the Pairing Experience


How to pair and connect Bose headphones to an iPhone:

The Bose connect app is Bose’s very own iOS design which was made to help improve the usability of the headphones on customers phones. It is the one stop place for Bose headphone owners to monitor their headsets. The app is used for pairing the companies headphones and also speakers to the Apple iPhone among other devices.

Furthermore, in addition to smoothening the connection process, the Bose Connect App is also capable of installing firmware updates to users headsets, which enables owners to simplify the updating process. In addition to this, updating firmware also helps users fix audio bugs or glitches.

Here is how you would go about connecting your headphones to an iPhone:

  1. Download the Bose Connect App on your IOS device from the corresponding App Store on your phone
  2. Turn your Bose Bluetooth compatible headset on by adjusting the switch on the side from red to green. You may have to initially hold the switch in an upright position first
  3. Open up the Bose Connect App
  4. The Bose Connect iPhone App should automatically detect your headset and when it does locate it, you will be able to see an image on your iPhone of your headset. You must then drag down on the screen to begin the connection process. If your headphones are not detected, you will be given tips and advice on what steps to do next.
  5. The Bose Connect App will then sync with your iOS device and the word connecting will appear on your iPhone
  6. After the connection is finished, you will be able to tap the ready to play button on the bottom of your iPhone. Enabling you to use your Bose Bluetooth headset on your iPhone.

How to pair and Connect Bluetooth headphones through settings:

If your headset is not made by Bose and you still wish to connect the device to your iPhone you will need to pair your device to your headset. To do this you will need to do the following:

  1. Firstly, you will need to check your headset which you are seeking to connect, is switched on and further more is sufficiently charged.
  2. Next, you will need to go into the settings App on your iPhone device and make sure the Bluetooth device is switched on. (A tip for future reference, if you swipe down from the top right corner you will be able to turn Bluetooth on via a shortcut preventing you from having to load up the settings app)
  3. After the first couple steps are complete, you will need to make sure your device is on pairing mode. Often you will be required to hold something, or flick something depending on your iPhone, for bose headphones: On the right earcup, slide the Powerbutton all the way up to the Bluetooth symbol and hold until you hear “Ready to pair”. The Bluetooth indicator will also blink blue. The headphones are now discoverable.
  4. Once your headset is in pairing mode, wait for it to appear on your Bluetooth device page. If your iPhone isn’t searching for a new device or isn’t discoverable, make sure this is enabled before continuing by clicking on the option.
  5. Once your headset appears, you will simply need to click on it and wait for your iPhone to pair. Some Bluetooth devices make require you to type in a code, others will simply just connect and you’re good to go.
  6. Enjoy listening to your music, podcasts or tv shows through you Bluetooth headphones.

How can I solve a weak connection?

Weak connections are often an indication that the headset is too far away from the device of which is is connected to. If you suffer from a weak connection, firstly try moving the mobile device which the headphones are connected to closer to the headphones. Straight away there should be a significant improvement to the audio quality of the headset.

However, if problems continue to arise, it is common knowledge that multiple Bluetooth devices in one area such as gyms or schools can cause connection issues. Furthermore, metal sheets have been know to cause disruption to Bluetooth devices.

Why won’t my device pair with my Bose headphones?

If your device is struggling to pair with your bose headphones, the first protocall is to go through the basic check list:

  • Is your mobile device fully charged
  • is your headset fully charged
  • Is your iPhone discoverable
  • Is your Bluetooth headset in pairing mode?
  • Does your iPhone support the device you are trying to connect
  • Is your Bluetooth turned on, both for the headset and the iphone
  • Have you tried to download the Bose Connect App and connect that way. If not download the bose app from the App store.

If none of these work, it may be an internal issue or your iPhone is obsolete to the technology within the headset or vice versa. Therefore an upgrade may be required if you wish to use the headset.