How to Pair Sony Bluetooth Headphones

Updated On February 9, 2021
By Harry Singleton

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There are few things more annoying than arriving at the gym ready to workout and listen to music on your new Sony Bluetooth headphones only to discover that they won’t pair.

In this article, we will be covering the steps you can follow to resolve the issue and pair them so that you can get back on track to enjoying your Sony Bluetooth headphones on your favourite device.

The information provided here will hopefully get you back connected and enable you to go about your day safe in the knowledge that you can use your headphones whenever you need them and that you won’t be left red-faced with frustration because they’ve let you down when it mattered most.

The 5 Easy Steps of the Pairing Procedure

Below is a quick guide on how to pair your Sony Bluetooth headphones with your typical multimedia device.

  1. Turn off the Bluetooth headphones. You will know that they are off when there are no lights visible.
  2. Put the Bluetooth headphones next to the desired device so that the Bluetooth connection is as strong as possible. Make sure that the Sony headphones are now turned on or they will not be able to enter into pairing mode.
  3. Press and hold down the power button to initiate the Bluetooth connection between the Sony headphones and the other device. This should be done for around 7 seconds but it may take longer than 7 seconds if the Sony headphones are older.
  4. Release the power button when you can see a fast blinking light – this is usually red but can also be green and/or blue depending on the model of the Sony headphones. This light will mean that you are now in pairing mode.
  5. Now that your Sony Bluetooth headphones are in pairing mode you will now have to complete the pairing on another device – this should be the mobile phone or media player that you plan on using. Bluetooth should already be activated on the device you intend on using so it should now be as simple as selecting the Sony Bluetooth headphones from the list that should appear before you on the Bluetooth page of your settings.

Please do note that each device may have slightly different operating instructions and newer models may work slightly different so always check the instruction manual when you get new Bluetooth headphones.

Instructions may vary from device to device but every time you will need to press and hold down the power button for a short period in order to initiate Bluetooth pairing.

Pairing Information and Troubleshooting

You may also be wondering how to connect Bluetooth headphones to PS4 devices and this will involve turning the headphones on and getting them into pairing mode, heading over to the settings menu on the PS4 and opening the ‘Bluetooth Devices’ tab, and then selecting your Sony Bluetooth headphones from the list. If for some reason you can’t find your headphones on said list, try turning off both devices and trying the steps above again.

There is also another way of connecting your Sony Bluetooth headphones to your desired and that involves using Near Field Communication. NFC is the less commonly used method of device pairing but it does provide the user with the convenience of using another method of connecting to their Sony Bluetooth headphones.

Before starting this method it is recommended that you reset your Sony headphones’ Bluetooth connection first in order to reduce the possibility of the connection failing.

You can reset your Sony headphones by first turning them off, then pressing and holding the play/pause button for four seconds, and then waiting to see the blue indicator flashing.

  1. Open your mobile phone and enable the NFC function. This is usually found in the settings.
  2. Hold down the N mark on the Sony headphones until a short sound or vibration can be heard/felt. This means that the two devices have paired and connected successfully.

Connecting to a Mac or Windows 10 Device

The Bluetooth headphones can also be connected to Apple Macbooks devices and this can be done by first turning on the headphones by holding down and power button for a few seconds until the indicator lights begin to flash.

Once flashing, head over to your Apple Mac device and head to System Preferences – this can be found on the lower part of the screen on the taskbar. Once there, click on Bluetooth and activate it.

Now that you’ve activated the connectivity you should be able to see a list of available devices that are nearby. Click on the model name that matches your headphone device and that should engage the Bluetooth pairing process.

If you don’t have a Mac device you can still connect to your Windows 10 Laptop or PC. The steps are similar to those for when connecting to Apple Mac devices but we’ll go over it again in greater, more device-specific detail.

First, turn on your Bluetooth headphone devices just as stated before by holding down the power button until you can see a blinking light and/or you hear a voice telling you the device is now turned on.

Next you will need to open up your Windows 10 device and click on the Windows icon in the bottom lefthand corner of the screen. Once there you should click on the Devices tab where you’ll find a page showing Bluetooth details. Youll need to turn on your device’s connectivity here.

Once on, click on the Add Bluetooth device button which can be found nearby. This will open up another window that should show all available devices in your immediate vicinity. Look out for your device’s model number and click on that. You should get a window pop up and let you know that the pairing was successful.


How do I put my Sony Bluetooth headphones in pairing mode?

To put your Sony Bluetooth headphones into pairing mode you should press and hold down the power button for 7-10 seconds – older devices may take a little longer to connect. You will know that they are ready to pair when you see a blinking light. You will then have to turn on Bluetooth on your desired Bluetooth compatible device and look for your Sony headphones under a heading called something along the lines of ‘Bluetooth devices’.

Why won’t my Sony headphones connect to Bluetooth?

Always make sure that your Sony Bluetooth headphones are fully charged and turned on when attempting to pair them.

The most common reason for Bluetooth headphones struggling to connect with your desired device is due to them already being connected to another device without you realising.

This is especially common at home where there are usually many Bluetooth compatible devices and so you will need to check any recently used devices to see if they are still paired.

How do I put my Sony WH ch700n in pairing mode?

  1. Enter pairing mode on the Sony WH-ch700n Bluetooth headphones by turning it on. The headphones should enter pairing mode automatically if being used for the first time and they have no specific pairing information.
  2. If this is not the first Bluetooth compatible device you are pairing the Sony headphones with you will need to press and hold down the power button for 7 seconds in order to enter pairing mode.
  3. The headphones will be listed among the Bluetooth devices currently within range as [WH-CH700N] and you will just need to select it. If a password is required upon you selecting the Sony headphones try entering “0000” in order to proceed.
  4. If the Bluetooth connection is successful, you will hear a voice state through the headphones say “Bluetooth connected” and this means that they will be ready to use. If unsuccessful, turn the Sony headphones off, as well as Bluetooth on the other device, and try the steps again, making sure to turn the other device’s Bluetooth connectivity back on again before attempting to pair again.

Model-specific pairing information should be available in the instruction manual provided and if you are still unable to pair them for the first time you should contact Sony.

Note that unlike other Sony models, the WH-ch700n Bluetooth headphones can pair with multiple devices and so you won’t need to worry about disconnecting every time after use. How convenient is that feature?

How do I turn on Bluetooth on my Sony headphones?

Turn on Bluetooth on Sony Bluetooth compatible headphones by first turning the device on and then proceeding to press and hold down the power button for around 7-10 seconds in order to turn on pairing mode.

This should hopefully resolve the issue but should they not turn on, the device may be low on battery or completely dead. No worry though, just make sure to charge them as soon as possible and try again once they are fully charged.