Projectors are very useful pieces of technology. Whether it is for giving presentations or watching movies, these often provide a very easy way to get access to a large screen quickly. Traditionally however, projectors are mostly set up in one room and never moved which means there’s no chance of portability. That now change with the Kickstand HD Projector.

Why carry a large TV or monitor when you can use a portable projector. If you wish to enjoy a movie on a large screen then a projector along with a good set of headphones for the audio has you covered. This also works just as well for presentations especially on a office trip.

Choosing the right headphones will be just as important as choosing the right projector. Which option you choose will of course depend on your needs but in general going wireless will provide the most convenience. This however, does not need to be very expensive as there are many great headphones that you can get on a budget.

We have curated a list of the best wireless headphones under $50. We have done hours of research for you so that you can pick from the best in the market!