Best Motorcycle Headphones 2021 : Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

Updated On February 12, 2021
By Harry Singleton

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Have you ever been riding your motorcycle and thought about how great a soundtrack would be right now? Perhaps you have a long journey planned and want a musical accompaniment? Then you should consider purchasing yourself a set of the Best Motorcycle Headphones.

They fit perfectly under motorcycle helmets and help block out a whole host of outside noise such as the wind passing you by and nearby car engines. But that’s not all they offer, expect uncompromising sound quality and a hands free phone calls meaning your driving ability is never altered. If you would like to listen to music on the go and spice up your long motorcycle journeys then look no further as we have some of the best motorcycle headphones you will find today!

We have broken down our top 10 picks when it comes to motorcycle headphones giving you a brief breakdown of each option. You will also find we have included a buying guide to help you sort through all the technical terms you may come across so you can find the best duo of wireless earbuds for listening to music on the go. Read on to discover our motorcycle earbuds reviews and find out what we have chosen as the best motorcycle earbuds today!

Our top picks at a glance:

Best Overall- TOZO T6 True Wireless

Best for the Money- KLIM Fusion Earbuds

Best Sound Quality- Anker Soundcore Liberty Neo

The 10 Best Motorcycle Headphones

1. JLab Audio JBuds

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Our first pick on our list of top headphones when riding your motorcycle are the incredible JLab Audio JBuds, at such a low cost it is hard to find such high quality as this. The class A 5.0 Bluetooth connection provides exceptionally high quality sound and noise without the risk of your headphones losing connection.

Each earbud offers 6 hours of battery life which can be extended up to a whopping 18 hours on the go as the inbuilt charger inside the supplied case provide a means of portable charging. Lights on the outside will show you how much charge you have left so you will never need to worry about that. The JBuds also feature an IP55 sweat resistant build which offers decent waterproof protection adding an extra layer of durability to this already superb package.

If you are looking for one of the best sets of motorcycle Bluetooth speakers then you shouldn’t need to look much further then these. Crisp and crystal clear sound without breaking the bank is what makes these one of the top contenders featured today!

Key Features

  • Impressive noise cancelling design that can block out outside wind noise
  • The ear-tips themselves can be customized so you can find the best fit for you
  • 6 hours of battery with an additional 18 provided by the case charger

Best Features:

  • Incredibly long battery life
  • Supplied carrying case features a built in charger
  • Customizable ear-tips

2. KLIM Fusion Earbuds

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If you are a firm bekiever that wired headphones provide higher sound quality then the KLIM Fusion Earbuds may just be the best earbuds for you. Memory foam ear-tips offer both a comfortable sound experience and impressive noise cancellation reducing any outside noise exposure exponentially.

If you are tired of budget earphones breaking on you within a couple of months or even weeks then worry no more. These earbuds are built to last due to their sturdy build quality, that’s not all though however as KLIM provide an incredible 5 years warranty and satisfaction guarantee making this a zero risk purchase. A built in microphone provides a means of answering any incoming phone calls hands free meaning you can easily use these while on your motorcycle ride.

If you are looking for an incredibly cheap set of ear-tips that refuses to compromise budget and overall product quality then look no further as the KLIM Fusion Earbuds are one of the best pairs you will find in this price range!

Key Features

  • Memory foam tips for both comfort and background noise cancellation
  • Wired design provides remarkable sound quality
  • Extra features such as an integrated microphone

Best Features:

  • Memory foam tips are exceptionally comfortable
  • 5 years guarantee make these a zero risk purchase
  • Outside noise is a thing of the past due to noise cancellation technology

3. Snug Phones Wireless

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If you’re tired of your headphones falling out whenever you slightly move your head then you may be interested in the Snug Phones Wireless. Impressive canal design allows these earbuds to comfortably suit almost anyone so you can wave goodbye to ill fitting designs. As these sit comfortably inside your ear canal and helmet, ambient noise will never be an issue due to the impressive noise cancelling this device offers.

Water resistance has been considered as these feature an IPX6 waterproof rating boosting this devices weatherproof design. Noise control technology offers varying degrees of sound levels with little risk of hearing damage providing depth to your favourite tunes.

Ill-fitting silicone earbuds are something that no one should have to endure, which is why we highly recommend the impressive Snug Phones Wireless.

Key Features

  • Universal design therefore less adjustments needed making these perfect for motorcycle riders
  • Advanced noise control offering HD audio on the fly
  • Sturdy design provides high durability and long term use

Best Features:

  • IPX6 Waterproof rating
  • Designed specifically for sport use in mind
  • In ear design makes these a top Bluetooth speaker for helmet wear

4. Holiper Bluetooth 5.0

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Compatibility is the name of the game when it comes to the exceptional Holiper BlueTooth 5.0 headphones. Hook these up to a multitude of devices such as your Android smartphone or built in GPS as Holiper have considered a host of compatible devices. This is backed up by solid Bluetooth connectivity that features minimal latency so your favorite tunes are never compromised.

Featured audio quality is superb covering a range of levels from deep bass to high treble meaning you can listen to music with a whole new depth. A built in microphone supports hands free calls which is suitable for motorcycle riders who can’t take their eyes off the road.

Why pay more when Holiper can provide impressive audio delivery at such a bargain?

Key Features

  • Remarkable compatibility with Bluetooth enabled devices
  • Clear microphone quality
  • Sound isolation technology offers great noise cancellation

Best Features:

  • Noise cancelling microphone
  • IPX5 weatherproof design
  • Silicone tips are comfortable to wear

5. Anker Soundcore Liberty Neo

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Finding the right helmet bluetooth speaker can be a chore, but with designs such as the Anker Soundcore Liberty Neo on the market, you may find it easier than expected. Internal graphene drivers are both intuitive and robust supplying one of the best sound qualities you will find on the market. Listening to music while driving your bike has never been as enjoyable.

Each bluetooth earbud has been designed with noise cancelling and sound isolation in mind as no one wants to constant engine noise getting in the way of their music experience. Anker have built these using their unique BassUp technology which enhances each sound wave to provide the best sound clarity you can get.

Motorcyclists would be hard pressed to find a better pair of headphones on the market than the Anker Soundcore Liberty Neo.

Key Features

  • Wide soundstage due to graphite armature drivers
  • Variety of colours to choose from
  • Unique BassUp technology enhances sound waves

Best Features:

  • Internal Graphite armature drivers for superb sound quality
  • IPX7 waterproof resistance suited for all weather types
  • A host of colour options to choose from

6. Avantree Apico Mini Bluetooth

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Next on our list we have the Avantree Apico Mini Bluetooth, a excellent choice for those seeking comfortable wireless headphones that will easily fit under all motorcycle helmets. Hook these up to your GPS or other SatNav device as these are compatible with most devices you require.

Due to their small size these will fit inside almost all helmet fits and inside most ear canals offering impressive noise reduction and completely negating any out side wind noise. This smaller size meaning that they will rarely slip out of your ears as they are designed to sit comfortably. This is all reinforced by impressive lithium ion battery life and an easy to use volume control function.

This micro speaker is perfectly suited for motorcycle bikers looking for new audio devices to add to their collection. If high quality sound at such a low fee is what you seek for in a Bluetooth device then the Avantree Apico Mini offers some of the best value you can get!

Key Features

  • Unique small design thus these earbuds can easily fit inside a helmet
  • Long lasting Bluetooth earbuds thanks to impressive battery life
  • Effective noise cancelling technology

Best Features:

  • These wireless Bluetooth earbuds will be comfortable regardless of ear shape
  • Hands free call functionality
  • Noise reduction due to snug fit

7. GRDE Bluetooth 5 0

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Noise cancelling and high quality audio is just what you want from your new set of motorcycle earbuds, which is exactly what the GRDE Bluetooth Earbuds provides. Supplied with 3 different sizes of headphone tips, you will surely find the correct size for you. Lightweight and compact design offers some of the best wireless functionality in this article.

Sync these up with a variety of bluetooth enabled devices in seconds saving you both time and effort. Charging is also seamless as the supplied carry case offers up to 24 hours of charged battery life, meaning you will never need to stress about battery life again. This make these a perfect choice for motorcycle earbuds where charging points can be few and far between. Hands free lovers will also be pleased to hear that these motorcycle earbuds offer a hands free method of answering your calls.

These are some of the best earbuds available today for listening to music while riding your bike, make sure you add them to your watchlist as we can guarantee you will love them!

Key Features

  • Multiple sizes of silicone earplugs to choose from
  • Compatible with most Bluetooth enabled gadgets
  • Supplied case offers 24 hours of battery life

Best Features:

  • High frequency response for the best Bluetooth sound and bass
  • Stress free pairing method
  • Variety of noise levels to prevent hearing loss

8. TOZO T6 True Wireless

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If convenience and aesthetic appeal is what you look for in motorcycle earbuds, then the TOZO T6 True Wireless are the perfect choice for you. These earbuds automatically connect once they are removed from the case offering you an extremely convenient way to hook them up without all the usual fuss. 6 hours of battery life with an added 24 hours supplied by the cases built in charger, accessibility is really what TOZO have aimed for.

Aesthetic riders will also be happy to hear that there is a choice of 3 colours meaning you are sure to find a set that suits your riding leathers. Extreme storms have been considered here too as these earbuds boast an IPX8 waterproof quality meaning they can be submerged in 1m deep water for up to 30 minutes with little risk.

Extraordinary protection alongside impressive accessibility and aesthetics make these a top pick for the best motorcycle earbuds you can purchase today!

Key Features

  • Choice of 3 color type offers some semblance of customizability
  • High IPX8 rating provides an exceptional weatherproof quality
  • Easy synchronization set up for added accessibility

Best Features:

  • Incredible bass response
  • Resilience for long term use
  • Noise cancelling component blocks out ambient noise

9. Yovda Motorcycle Wireless Headset

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An ultra thin composition and small profile make the Yovda Motorcyle Wireless Headset compatible with every helmet you can find. These Bluetooth enabled earbuds will fit snugly inside your ear offering a comfortable noise cancelling experience.

The internal microphone offers a hands free method of intercom conversation and allows these earbuds to function as hearing aids. For the budget fee you will find these, bass and sound quality is impeccable, expect to appreciate your favourite tunes constantly with these no frills earbuds.

If you are looking for a straightforward pair of earbuds that are both simple to use and offer impressive audio performance, then these may very well be the choice for you.

Key Features

  • Thin blueprint therefore these are compatible with most helmets
  • Easy sync-up method due to few button clicks
  • Clear and crisp quality internal microphone

Best Features:

  • Small and compact configuration
  • Useful internal microphone
  • Impressive noise protection technology

10. THOKWOK Motorcycle Bluetooth Headset

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Offering one of the most complete packages featured today, the THOKWOK Motorcycle Bluetooth Headset provides a whole host of added functionality. Utilizing a plethora of audio equipment, this product offers both a headphone system and an intercom mode. Talk to your fellow riders on the road or just listen to music as this option offers it all.

DSP echo cancellation state provides a noise cancelling mode of use that will block out the wind and keep you company from state to state. An internal sympohonized NRG 2.0 offers surprising bass that is more commonly found in premium Bluetooth products.

The THOKWOK headset is easily comparable with the best earbuds currently available, if these earbuds aren’t already one of your top picks, then they should definitely be reconsidered!

Key Features

  • Provides an intercom method of use not usually seen in Bluetooth headphones
  • DSP echo and noise cancellation prevents lower quality audio
  • Sturdy waterproof resilience

Best Features:

  • This headset provides a host of different audio features
  • Features both wireless and wired thanks to a supplied 3.5 audio cable
  • High waterproof rating for extra durability

What to Consider When Buying Motorcycle Headphones

Finding the correct set of motorcycle headphones can be a fairly tedious task, especially when it comes to all the technical jargon and other specifications you should keep a look out for. Which is why we have come up with a handy buyers guide to try and point you in the direction; hopefully saving you money too. Read on to see a few considerations you should be aware of before making a purchase to ensure you get the device that suits you!

Wireless vs Wired

Deciding which connection method is the one for you can make or break your next headphones. Whilst some people swear by using wired headphones, others will prefer wireless methods for their convenience. However both types of headphones have their pros and cons.

When it comes to portability, it is perhaps the best idea to get earbuds that feature wireless connectivity due to their lack of wires. This is especially true when it comes riding a motorcycle as you don’t want to wear wired headphones while driving in case they get in the way and you are at risk of falling from your motorcycle. Some people however believe that wireless earbuds suffer from a slightly lessened audio quality which in essence will worsen your overall audio experience. This just isn’t the case as long as you find the right set of headphones for you. Slightly more premium choices will provide comparable audio quality to cable methods, so try not to fret about your listening experience when it comes to your favourite tunes.

Wireless devices also require either batteries or some method of charging before use due to their lack of a constant power supply. This may become an issue if you plan on motorcycle riding across long distances as the charge can run out at any time. It also means that you will be required to wait around while you wait for them to charge fully, so always take this into consideration when it comes to wireless earphones. Finding a set of Bluetooth headphones that feature an extraordinarily long battery life can be the best method to combat this.

Wired headphones run the convenience of not requiring charging like the aforementioned wireless versions, this is due to their use of a connection chord that supplies a constant power stream. You should consider though that this cable can get in the way of certain actions and also requires you to have your smartphones or iPad nearby. This isn’t the most ideal situation to be in when it comes to motorcycle riding, so always take into consideration what mode is right for you.

There is no right or wrong answer when it comes to deciding on which method is the best in the world of headphones. Weighing both the benefits and the negatives of a set method before making your purchase is the best way of finding a decent pair. Take time to decide what you believe is the best method for you and you will surely be a happy customer.

The fee of a device may increase if you opt for a set that features Bluetooth connectivity as they the company will pay more to manufacture them. However, it is rare for the charge to increase massively. Compare the prices between wired and wireless equivalents to deduce if you are happy paying slightly more for the wireless pair.

Noise Reduction and Soundblocking

Perhaps one of the most important considerations, especially when it comes to riding your motorcycle down windy side paths is how effective your headphones are at blocking out background noise. You don’t want to have your favorite tunes ruined by wind noise blowing past your ears, which is why you should always keep your eyes peeled for noise cancelling headphones.

The best noise cancelling devices typically cover the entirety of your ear providing a shelter that will reduce potential out side noise such as engine noise from ruining your audio experience. Logistically however, you have to think about how much room you will have under your helmet as they tend to be snug. This means that over the ear headphones may not be suited for motorcycle riding as they simply just won’t slide under a helmet.

Earbuds do tend to feature excellent noise cancelling too, as long as you find the correct pair. As they fit snugly into your ear canal, they will tend to block out most background noise aside from the music you are wishing to listen to. Their small design also allows you to wear them whilst wearing a helmet, making them a perfect fit for motorcycle riding.

When choosing headphones for your motorcycle journeys, always try to factor in noise cancellation technology. Preventing constant wind noise and the sound of another motorcycles engine passing, is an exceptional way of ensuring your listening experience is as premium as it can get.

Again, when it comes to how much the payment will change if a pair of headphones uses noise isolation technology, it shouldn’t be much of an increase. Some cheaper pairs may even utilize a better noise cancellation feature than expensive brands, it is fairly rare to see a direct link between the two. One of the largest factors of how functional the noise isolation feature is, is how well your earphones fit you. This is unrelated to cost as you won’t expect to pay more for better fitting headphones, so cost shouldn’t become an issue.

Low Profile

As mentioned in the previous section, whilst riding a motorcycle you should always be wearing a helmet, which makes certain larger pairs of headphones an unreasonable option. Correctly fitted helmets will fit your head snugly and thus there will not be much room inside for larger types such as over the ear headphones. Low profile ear tips such as those that fit in your ear canal are perfect to wear underneath a helmet.

Another method for finding headphones with a reduced profile is by looking out for Wireless / BlueTooth headphones particularly. Due to their lack of wires and other connectivity types there is one less obstruction to worry about when it comes to fitting them underneath a motorcycle helmet.

Helmets are an essential safety feature when it comes to riding a motorcycle, therefore it’s important that the helmet features a secure fit and there are no obstructions reducing it’s security factor. This means that you should browse through headphones that are specifically designed to provide a low profile audio experience. Consider the size of your chosen headphones before making a purchase and you will have both a safe and pleasant ride ahead of you. Always remember, check out what helmets they are compatible with!


Comfort is something that every product strives to achieve, whether that’s accessibility for beginners or how comfortable gloves are. In the world of headphones, comfort is typically linked to both how well a certain pair will fit you and the what the product itself is made from. There is also a difference between over ear and in ear headphones as some people prefer one over another.

As a motorcycle journey may last a long time, it is essential to find a pair of headphones that you particularly find comfortable as you don’t want to suffer ear ache due to a ill fitting pair. In ear headphones tend to face this problem more than over ear ones as they go directly in your ear and can irritate it if they don’t fit well. However, find the right pair and you will rarely even notice that you are wearing them.

A comfortable fit and a set of cosy earbuds can massively improve your overall riding experience, therefore this is an extremely important consideration to be aware of. Price may alter depending on the materials used, as cheaper models may use cheaper plastic that can be quite abrasive. Try to find a earbuds that use rubber ear tips, or some form of soft quality to lessen the chance of your headphone irritating you.


Use of a better material will improve a products durability tenfold, which is why it is especially important to check what material your headphones consist of. This also goes hand in hand with how comfortable you latest pair of phones are. resilience has an extremely large role to play in deducing how long your earphones may last you so make sure the ones your have your eye on are durable enough for long motorcycle journeys.

Most motorcycle headphones will feature exceptional resilience as the manufactures will have taking things such as the helmet constantly pushing down on them and weather conditions into consideration. Which means the fee shouldn’t alter too largely across the budget price range. More premium choices tend to offer better durability, but as is the case with most electronic goods, you get what you pay for.

Another factor to keep an eye on, is whether or not a particular pair is covered by some form of warranty or money back guarantee. By law, most electronic goods will come with some form of warranty, this is especially true in regards to online purchases. If you are unsure on whether or not a certain product features a guarantee of some sort, always check the manufacturers website or contact the seller.


Although your headphones will be covered by a secure fit helmet, it is always a good idea to find a pair that features some semblance of a sweat and water proof design. Due to weather conditions being unpredictable and a motorcycle adventure potentially lasting a while, there is a chance for you to suddenly be hit by a massive rainstorm. If your headphones are weatherproof in some way, then the audio quality can massively drop or the headphones themselves may break beyond repair.

Most headphone listings on Amazon and other seller sites tend to list whether or not their devices are waterproof so ensure you read through the specifications before making a purchase. If a device has a weather resistant build it will usually point to it by using the terms waterproof or water resistant as opposed to weatherproof.

Another method of checking that a pair of earbuds are weatherproof, is by ensuring that they fit you well. This may not seem like it alters how weatherproof the device is, but if headphones fit you well they will be less likely to get blown out by the wind. When riding a motorcycle you tend to reach highway speeds, therefore there is a risk your earbuds may fall out if they don’t fit inside your ears well.

Regarding costs and how weatherproof a device is, you will rarely see a massive increase if the device features water resistant material. The fee may marginally increase, but you shouldn’t expect to pay much more for this feature as it has become an industry standard.


What are the best headphones for riding a motorcycle?

Perhaps the best motorcycle earbuds you will find today are those that feature both wireless connectivity and a weatherproof design. As they will be required to fit under a helmet, a wire such as a USB cable may get in the way and impede on your driving. We would recommend choosing a Bluetooth design over a one featuring an audio cable if possible.

Can you wear headphones on a motorcycle?

Of course, as long as they don’t interfere with your driving then we would fully recommend wearing headphones if you are a motorcyclist. There are a host of helmet bluetooth speakers available today designed specifically for motorcyclists so you should easily find a pair to suit you!

Are AirPods good for motorcycles?

Airpods are definitely a good choice as they are some of the best motorcycle earbuds you can get, however they also come at a premium price. Some cheaper models will offer comparable quality at half the cost, so it’s best to browse the products currently available before making a final purchase.

What are the best earphones for sound quality?

There are a few earphones that offer superb sound quality, so checking user reviews alongside the devices specifications before purchasing can help you decide. From our list today we would fully recommend either the TOZO T6 True or the Anker Soundcore Liberty Neo if sound quality is your biggest deciding factor!